Many of you have asked what my hair looked like when it was shorter… what it looked like before henna. Your wish is my command:

The pics range from 11/2007-10/2006 (from top to bottom- the most recent ones are first). My hair in 2006 was just below shoulder length.

This is 11/2007 after several henna treatments- I used SheaMoisture to style this wash and go.

Another 11/2007 post henna.

Late 2007, post henna. Twist-out up front, wash and go in back- this style gives the illusion of a ‘bob’ shape.

This is 10/2007, prior to henna’ing, but post Cassia experimentation. I did a wash-n-go with SheaMoisture and Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Gel.

Christmas 2006- Wash-n-Go

New Years 2007- Wash-n-Go…no idea what products I used here.
Fall 2006 wash and go

Fall 2006 wash and go puff- see the highlights…this stuff killed my poor hair.

Fall 2006- Coil-out…I twisted my wet hair around my fingers to create bigger spirals. My hair was between shoulder length and armpit length at this time.

Fall 2006- wash and go

Halloween 2006