People are always asking me if I take vitamins and mineral supplements to achieve growth. Well, I do. I’m not really into ‘length’ as much as I’m in to BIG HAIR. But obviously, big hair comes with more length. So, I’ve been popping pills since March 2008, and I hate swallowing pills.
My dream hair:

I love her length, fullness and shape!!!! I really don’t want my curly length to change- between chin and shoulder length is ideal for me and IMO, really cute. I just want my hair to grow ‘out’ a little more…so I’m using The Secret.

After a couple months of research and reading, and re-reading this wonderful article, I decided on the following routine:

Daily Regimen (3 supplements total):

**Country Life Biotin 5000mcg (or 5mg)- Purchase from here.
I’m not sure if my added volume can only be attributed to henna. Granted, henna is playing a huge role in that area, afterall, that is the reason I decided to venture down that path. But, biotin is suppose to have ‘hair thickening’ effects as well. The best thing about this particular brand, is that the capsule is teeny!!
  • Is the best known supplement for the health and beauty of Hair, Skin and Nails.
  • Is often referred to as Vitamin H, this vitamin promotes hair growth, protects against dryness and is involved in the biosynthesis of unsaturated fats.
  • Increases the elasticity of the hair’s cortex preventing breakage.
  • Thickness the actual hair cuticle providing a fuller appearance because of the increased diameter of the hair shaft.
  • A lack of Biotin would result in dermatitis and hair loss.


I haven’t experienced the break-outs that some ladies speak of. In fact, my skin glows and I attribute it to the biotin and msm.

**TriMedica Pure MSM Capsules-1000mg- Purchase from here.
When you get time, check out this article on It is very informative and has everything you’d ever need to know about using MSM as a dietary supplement. MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane, and although it should be present in many of our foods, cooking methods and other factors leech it right out. Apparently, MSM is suppose to increase hair growth by lengthening the growth phase. My nails, once brittle and always chipping, are strong and grow REALLY fast. If I bite a nail on Tuesday (I know…gross, but hey), it’ll be back by the weekend. This has given me the motivation to take better care of my nails. Again, I haven’t experienced, the breakouts, the stomach aches or the vivid dreams that some members mention. The TriMedica brand capsule is pretty large, but since its a capsule, and not a tablet, swallowing it isn’t an ordeal.

**Trader Darwin’s Super Crusade Dietary Supplement– Purchase from Trader Joes (Serving Size: 2 Pills)
Recommended to me by Suburbanbushbabe at I love SBB πŸ˜€

I feel that TJ’s offers a top quality multi at a very fair price. It’ll last me 3 months, and it only cost 13 dollars!!!!! Besides the price, the best thing about this multi is the size of the tablet. Granted, its still large, but it is no where near the size of your average multi (you know, the dreaded horse pill). You could swallow both tablets in one gulp with no issues. Its about the size of a Tylenol gel cap, but flat. I’m loving these and I no longer dread taking my vitamins.

In the past, I’ve taken ALIVE! multivitamin (too expensive, 3 pills a day, LARGE tablet size, won’t purchase again), and LifeForce Multiples (expensive, 2 pills a day, large pills, but would purchase again). I did research on both of those and they’re suppose to be at the top of the multi list for quality, absorption and content, but I’m sticking with TJ’s for now. You can buy Alive! and LifeForce at Whole Foods or Vitamin Shoppe.

I’m really bad about spreading my supplements out over the day. I’m sure they’d be more effective that way. Sometimes I remember, but most of the time I don’t. About 90% of the time, I remember that I haven’t taken them while I’m brushing my teeth before bed. I then swallow all 4 pills with a 16 oz bottle of water, and end up waking up in the middle of the night with the urge to pee, lol.

Here’s my hair length as of May 30 2008:

My curly length after a T-n-C October 2008- I want it to stay around this length curly- I love the bobbed look. I just want it to expand significantly ;0) I truly believe the biotin is helping with that…my roots are thickkkkkk and I have lots of baby hairs that have sprouted- some are about 3 inches now!

I’ll take more stretched length shots soon!!!

Who is taking vitamins and what have your experiences been?! I want thickness baby!!!! Specifically, what have been your experiences with Flaxseed pills or oil? I have some in the fridge but I already feel like I take too much…