It’s that time again…. 😉

I have a full bottle of Trader Joe Nourish Spa up for grabs (I reviewed this product here)!!! The last time I visited TJs, I purchased two bottles…I was thinking that things would go better than they did, lol. It has a bit of protein in it, and my hair protested. The ingredients are GREAT, the slip is pretty decent and it is moderately moisturizing. I think that it’s at its best, when cut with a little water, to activate the detangling properties.

The fourth (my lucky number!) person to send me a list of 5 topics they want to see discussed/reviewed on, will get the goods 😀

Just like Koffee (our first winner), I’ll notify you, get your address, and drop the bottle in the mail! It’s as simple as that!

Later Gators,