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Curly Nikki

The Ever Fly- FRIZZCURLS427

By January 27th, 20216 Comments

-How long have you been natural?
I have been natural since January 27,2007.

-What is your regimen?
I wash with Giovanni 50/50 hydrating/clarifying poo and deep condition with Pantene Relaxed and Natural Deep Conditioning mask conditioner once a week and sometimes bi-weekly. I condition wash everyday with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration or Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner. Sometimes I may skip co-washing for a day but that is when I wear my hair in a wash n go or a puff…If I straighten which is not often I can go 3-4 days without doing anything but moisturizing it. Every night I moisturize with coconut oil or shea butter before putting on a satin cap or sleeping on my satin pillow case.

-What is the one thing you’d tell a newbie to help her on her journey?
I would say do not expect your hair to look like someone else’s hair that you may admire. Know that every head of hair is uniquely beautiful in it’s own way and just work with what you have. Don’t place too much emphasis on trying to get your hair to look the same way everyday because you will be disappointed as natural hair tends to have a mind of its own no matter what texture it is. Focus on the health of your hair and everything else will fall into place. Don’t stress over how fast or slow your hair grows either because like they say “A watched pot never boils.”

-How do you maintain length?
I don’t stress over length first and foremost. I don’t do alot of manipulation to my hair. I keep it moisturized and deep condition with a great conditioner that strengthens my hair but also keeps it well hydrated by condition washing every day. I also do not use heat often and when I do I make sure that I use a heat protectant.

-What’s the best thing about being naturally glamorous?!
Not having to worry about spending hours in some salon putting the health and care of my hair in someone else’s hands and just feeling free and being able to go out in the rain/humidity with no concerns of my hair reverting!

The Ever Fly- FRIZZCURLS427

The Ever Fly- FRIZZCURLS427

2008!!! See that henna red?!
The Ever Fly- FRIZZCURLS427

The Ever Fly- FRIZZCURLS427

The Ever Fly- FRIZZCURLS427


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