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Curly Nikki

I’m a Henna Head…

By January 27th, 2021220 Comments

I'm a Henna Head...
Hola Chicas!

I’ve been henna’ing now for more than 2 years! My once fine head of hair, can now only be described as BIG. My curls hang longer (less shrinkage), the color is gorgeous, and the shine is ridiculous!! I owe it all to my other husband- BAQ HENNA.

Catherine at Henna For Hair has written a wonderful article on hennaing hair. You can download it from her site here.

So, what is Henna?
Henna, lawsonia inermis, is a plant. It is a large bush, or small tree, that grows in hot, dry climates. There is evidence from Egypt that henna was regularly used to dye hair five thousand years ago, and may have been used in Jericho as early as eight thousand years ago. Henna was used to keep hair healthy and to color gray hair. Source.
The dye inside this plant produces a red/brown stain on skin and various hues of red on hair. Henna can’t lighten your hair, ever. On some colors of hair it may appear to brighten it, but you should count on any color you get with henna, being darker than what is already on your head.

Pros, Cons & Other Effects of Henna:
Henna has some undeniable benefits for hair, which is why so many people use it and love it.

Some of these pros include:

  • Stronger Hair The lawsone (dye) molecule penetrates the hair shaft, binding with the keratin in the hair. This makes hair stronger, but also is one of the qualities that makes henna removal near impossible. Henna also coats the hair and fills in rough spots on a frayed cuticle. This adds a second layer of strength, but it DOES NOT lock out moisture.
  • Smoother, Shinier Hair – Henna, as stated above, does coat the hair, but it is a permeable coating that does not lock moisture out. The henna helps fill in rough spots on the cuticle. With the cuticle rough edges smoothed over, the hair feels smoother and the cuticle takes a lot less damage during combing and manipulation. It takes several days for Henna to stabilize. It becomes more flexible and durable as it oxidizes and cures–it is in fact a plant resin that is flexible and solvent enough to penetrate the hair at the cuticle, carrying pigment with it.
  • Non-Fading Red – Anyone that has used red chemicals dyes knows how badly they fade. Henna may fade a little after the first application, but after the second application fades very little.
  • The Absence of Chemicals – Chemical dyes are not only VERY damaging to hair, they can also cause scalp burns, allergic reactions, and recently studies have linked long term use to cancer.

While there are benefits, there are also some drawbacks as well:

  • Application Process – Henna can be hard to apply evenly on your own, can be a huge mess, and is tiring on the arms and neck. It also has to be left on for a longer time than commercial chemical dyes (4-12 hours), so more time has to be slated for the process.
  • Experimentation – To find your ideal mix, dye release time, application time, rinsing method, etc. all require some experimentation. It is not out-of-a-box color, and it may take some tweaking to find your ideal results. Your perfect color is never a guarantee.
  • Dry Hair – Some people report dry hair after using henna. It mimics a protein treatment and you MUST follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner.

These may be pros for some, cons for others:

  • Loss/Reduction in Curl – Many users of henna report a loss of curl. This is by no means a universal effect, and should be neither discounted, nor counted on. It seems that wavies (s curls) are the most susceptible to this, though some curlies are as well.
  • Cannot Lighten Hair – Henna cannot lighten your hair, ever. On some colors of hair it may appear to brighten it, but you should count on any color you get with henna being darker than what is already on your head.
  • Darkening with Multiple Applications – Henna will darken with multiple applications. If one wants to keep a lighter color, only the roots should be touched up, and repeated whole-head applications will progressively make the color less orange and more burgundy.
  • Cost – Depending on your mix, how much hair you have and how often you henna, it may either be more or less expensive than chemical dyes. Though that doesn’t factor in one very important thing… the price your hair pays on chemical dyes. Many people find that they only need to do a full-length application one or two times, and the because henna doesn’t fade much, they can save a lot of cost by only redoing the roots.
  • The Smell – Some people love it, some people hate it, but the smell of henna lingers in your hair for awhile after the application, often reviving when your hair is wet. Some herbs, such as ginger, can be added to shift the smell of the mix, but nothing will eliminate it entirely. Most people feel it has a smell somewhat like grass or hay.
  • Variable Color – Henna can and does shift in color depending on the light the hennaed hair is placed in. The same head of hair can go from burgundy to firey copper, just depending on the light.

Where do other henna colors come from?
Go to any local health food store and you’ll see boxes and boxes of “natural” hair coloring products claiming to be 100% henna. Well, we know that henna only comes in red, so what gives with all the shades of brown and blonde and black? Many natural hair colors are a blend of henna, cassia, indigo, and other color enhancing herbs. Beware, though. Many “henna dyes” contain things other than herbs, that can SERIOUSLY damage your hair.

What is Neutral Henna (Cassia Obovata)?
Cassia Obovata is often referred to as “neutral henna.” It is not henna and it does not alter the color of hair greatly, though it may give more golden tones with repeated applications. It has similar conditioning benefits as henna, but they are not permanent, and they disappear without reapplication.

The above info is taken from the member Nightshade at longhaircommunity:

My Henna Results!!

The proof is in the pudding:

Here’s an August 2006/November 2007 comparison, and an October 2006/November 2007 comparison.

I'm a Henna Head...

Top Row= Fall ’06 versus Fall ’07
Bottom Row= Fall ’06 versus Fall ’07 :

I'm a Henna Head...

My hair is shinier, STRONGER, and silkier. The texture is much smoother and slightly looser. Henna has drastically decreased my breakage and splitting, reduced shrinkage, and has overall improved the look and health of my hair. I’m a henna head for life!!!

My Routine:
I began my henna journey in October 2007. I henna’ed two to three times a week for the first month. After I read that henna has a cumulative effect (the more you do it, the more apparaent the results), I went overboard, lol. I saw the color and shine after about 2 treatments, but the loosening, de-frizzing and rich shine developed over several weeks. From November 2007-January 2008, I henna’ed once a week, or once every other week, and since then, I’ve been henna’ing once a month. It can get to be a bit expensive, depending on the frequency of application, but it is sooooooooo worth it!

My Mix:
150-200g of Personal Stash Jamila Henna (purchased from
1.5-2 cups of cooled green tea (I brew 4 bags in filtered water)
**I mix the two in a plastic tub and put the lid on.

I’m a professional now, so I don’t need to cover the bathroom in newspaper anymore. I still get the occasional splatter, but it is no where near as bad as it use to be! So, if you’re a newbie, and don’t want what will look like poo stains everywhere, please lay out some paper!!!

I also don’t let my henna sit anymore (it’s believed that the dye won’t release until 20 hours have lapsed, but with Jamila henna, the dye is releasing as I’m mixing it up)…I apply it immediately after mixing. Once the mix is ready, I hop in the shower, condition, and detangle. Once I get out of the shower, I take the lid off the mix, and add about 3 tablespoons of honey to make it smoother, and aid in the rinsing process. I then apply the pudding-like mix to small sections of my wet (but not dripping) hair and slap on a plastic cap. I leave the henna on for 12 or so hours- I apply it at night (around 7pm) and rinse when I wake up. If you decide to sleep in it, you may want to don 2 plastic caps and a satin scarf that you won’t mind getting dirty. If you start to leak, create a cotton ball barrier between the elastic of the cap and your skin.

When morning comes, I can’t tell you how excited I am to rinse that heavy mess out and reveal my lovely tresses! I fill the tub halfway with luke warm water, get on my knees and dunk my head in. I splash around to loosen it up a bit, then I position my head under the faucet and let the pressured water get most of the henna out. I then promptly turn on the shower head. While the water from the shower stream is cleaning out the tub, I load my head up with a ton of slippery conditioner, to soften my hair a bit. I then begin rinsing, and rinsing, and rinsing some more! Since my hair was detangled prior to application, there usually aren’t many knots. I re-load on conditioner and rinse upwards of 4 times. Finally, I apply a deep conditioner and apply heat for an hour or so. I get back in the shower, rinse, and style 🙂

Needless to say, after a henna weekend, my body is squeaky clean! Luckily, our water bill doesn’t reflect it, lol.

I know this is a lot of info…I hope it was helpful and please don’t hesitate to ask questions. I can chat about my Henna alllllll day 😀

So, what have your experiences with henna been? Share the good, the bad and the ugly! Maybe your comments will help someone else 😀

Happy Henna’ing ladies!


  • annette lee says:

    Hi, i am about to do henna for the first time, nxt wk. I purchased the jamilia brand at my local indian store, got all the rest of the ingrediants. Shoud i purchad another box of 100g, i have almost shoulder length hair do i have to let the henna sit overnight or not?

  • tifftiff19 says:

    so im interested in doing the henna for color a bit tired of the same look… i checked the site you recommended and saw that the jamila has pesticides and lead withing the EPA safe levels. kinda wanted to know your take on that does safe level mean safe or is it at my own risk, do you have any side effects or anything

  • Danique Clarke says:

    Shelli of Hairscapades uses Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner and mixes it with Coconut Oil as a pre-poo. The first time I used it my curls bounced back. Try it, it may work for you.

  • DaiShanell says:

    I'll never use henna again nor will I recommend it! I've been slowly growing out the henna and trying to prevent myself from just cutting this ish off on impulse. Now that it has been some months since my last henna, half my hair is henna and the other half is untouched. The part of my 4b hair that is untouched is smooth and curls when wet. The henna part is a mess! It's dry and no amount of water or products moisturizes it. Before I henna'd my ends would curls up, but now they are a dry, rough bush looking mess. The two halves of my hair are now like day and night. Damn you henna! Damn you…

  • Leigh says:

    how often do you have to reapply the henna

  • Diane says:

    Hi, I truly love your blog. I was just wondering, how often should I henna and in reapplying should i just concentrate on new growth or the whole head. I already hennaed once(March 2012)

  • hunnybun says:

    I love love love henna. After my hair is always so shiny and strong. It does loosen my curls a little but it does not last for more than a month.

  • Iza Kimar says:

    Could you give a little more direction as to where on the jamila henna can be found?

  • Anonymous says:

    Henna'ing my hair right now! Thanks Curly Nikki and everyone for your tutorials and suggestions! I bought Caca Marron from Lush Cosmetics, my hair is 4b/4c i guess lol, with some grey along my hairline and a little in the crown. I have a couple more hours to go (5 hrs total)!


  • Anonymous says:

    Hello Nikki… I just recently did the BC and my hair is maybe and inch long. It is very dry and I notice when I apply anything it tend to dry it out even more. I was thinking to Henna and wanted to know will it be ok to Henna with such short hair or is it best to wait until my hair get to be a few inches longer?

  • Veronica says:

    Do you know if there are any hair salons that do this professionally? I'm interested in trying this but don't trust myself to do it correctly…

  • Kristin says:

    I'm very curious about the idea of using this on my daughters hair…she is six, loves her hair long and of course hates it when I painstakingly comb it out. She has a hair type that looks just like yours…would it be insane to try this on a child? Do you think it would help with maintaining moisture and detangling? We do her hair about once or twice a week and use a range of products…usually Arbonne to wash, Max Green Alchemy to condition (and sometimes to wash too) and I've finally started with some hair lotions and/or coconut oil too when I can get her to sit still long enough…Henna is fascinating though and I'm tempted to try it…any advice or tips for doing this with kids…?

  • Tarnya says:

    Hi Curly Nikki,

    I'm in the transition process, my is in braids and has been since October 2010. I have been cutting my straight ends with every renewal of my braids, now I think I am ready to where my hair freely but just wanted to know if you would recommend the Henna for hair just out of braids especially if its the first time wearing natural hair for 20yrs now.

  • Anonymous says:

    I did my first henna treatment last week and I am so glad I did it! My hair is much more manageable.

    I am going to add henna to my monthly routine.

  • Gwennie says:

    Try this site for a downloadable e-pamphlet about Henna, it is very informative, explains a lot about henna, cassia, indigo etc, how to apply, precautions etc.

  • Unknown says:

    I recently did my big chop (April'12)yay me!! and I'm interested in hennaing the back of my hair for color and just to loosen up my curls. Is it advisable to do it now are should I wait until I have a longer length? HELP!!

  • Tai says:

    Hey! Just wanted to say that I found the Jamila henna on Ebay as well and the shipping was only $1.50 which helps with cost.

  • Anonymous says:

    My first experience with Henna was a nightmare! My hair was dry as a tumbleweed, and it looked like one. I was in tears! The instrcutions gave me the optin to use some type of heavy oil. I opted not to. Is there some type of oil that should be added to the Henna. I really want to reduce shrinkage and cover the gray!

  • Anonymous says:

    Im planning on buying henna from Lush. They have black, brown, and red. Any suggestions as to which color would most likely loosen my curl pattern. Currently a 4b/4c. Thanks guys.

  • Anonymous says:


    You can do again as soon as you have time. Henna is a non-chemical dye, so you don't have to worry about damaging your hair. Just be sure to follow Curly Nikki's recipe above. It's best to leave it in overnight (8 hours). 2 hours isn't nearly long enough. If you're trying to dye grey hair, you'll notice a difference in the color right away. You'll notice a difference in texture after 3-4 applications (once every 2-4 weeks). Good luck!

  • fancyladii says:

    hi i just wanted to say that my last perm was 8 months ago and i did the big chop 5 month ago i seen a lady in the beauty supply and she told me about henna so i did it but i guess without enough reserch i just mixed with water with a metal spoon and did not let it sit put it on my hair and let it stay for 2 hours did that yesterday i do not see anydifference in my hair i really need help should i do it again or wait

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki,
    I chemically dyed my hair about 2 weeks ago and I just decided I wanted to start using henna, so I was wondering if I would have any problems using henna now or if should wait longer to do it since I recently dyed my hair.

  • Maryam says:

    Hey everyone. From where I come from we have henna in abundance(a kilo under a $). As such I used to apply henna after every wash. But d only set back I had was I didn't deep condition the hair after, making it to dry out n frizz. But with your article I'm willing to correct how I apply it. Really appreciate d tips

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, Curly nikki

    I have almost waist length dread locks and I've been wanting to dry henna in my hair for some time now. I tried chemically dying my hair before ( it never took) but that was all the way back in, maybe, october- early November of '11. I think it's all washed out by now since it's now May and I do lather rinse and repeat every time I wash my hair. My question's are:
    A) Do you think it's now safe for me to apply henna to my hair?
    B) is there a specific type/brand of henna and/or recipe I should use?
    C) Do I need to mention that I have 3c hair? Does it matter?

  • sweetjasi15 says:

    Hi Nikki! Quick question…I went on and I didn't see "personal stash" Jamila Henna but I did find Jamila Henna (the one with the lady on the box) I'm assuming that is the right one that you use? Just wanted to make sure before I purchased 🙂 Thanks for your help!!

  • Anonymous says:

    peace! i've been using henna to color my grays for about 14 years. still loving the color(s) i get from the process. here's my issue: i'm about to take a long overdue trip to a tropical island and want to get a box braid style. my hair grows very quickly, so after about 1 week, i start to see gray roots (i henna my hair every 2-3 weeks). i'm a bit concerned that after i pay all this money to get my hair braided that it will look CRAZY after 2 weeks, with all my gray roots, let alone after 2 months! any recommendations would be helpful. thanks – peace.

  • kknutty says:

    🙂 I think I'm going to give this a try. I've been contemplating the idea for about a year and I think I finally have the gumption after reading all of this to do it!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have a carefree curl, can I use Henna?

  • Anonymous says:

    One year of henna and what I've learned. 3C hair with grey. 1) Finger detangle dry hair with coconut oil as heyfranhey suggests. 2) Twist or braid hair in sections overnight while the henna is curing. 3)Make the mixture wet enough. Yougurt, not clay. I do whole head only once a year and roots every 6 weeks or so with henna and indigo mixed. 3) I leave it on overnight. I have too much to do to spend a day on hair. 4) Rinse it out in the filled kitchen sink. Just swish your head around. It saves water and the plant matter goes down the disposal. Clean the sink. No one wants to see your hair there. 5) Without water, take a whole lotta conditioner (TJ Spa is good) and begin with the nape to massage it in like shampoo until the hair is oozing. THEN rinse.Turn off the water (to save water cuz it takes a lot) and do the massage again.Do this as many times as necessary to rinse it thoroughly. Deep condition with heat (plastic cap or heat cap) for twenty minutes. Rinse,but not all of it out, especially at the crown and ends. Gel. Seal. The detangling and sectioning makes this SO much easier. Some say condition a couple of days before, too. This method left my hair shiny and manageable. I swim a few days a week, so the night before I'll try dry detangling with oil and put in conditioner. Braid or twist. Dampen before the swim. Put on two caps and rinse, condition and seal. Just putting on oil made my cap slip off while doing laps. I really like henna and indigo, but it is a bit of work. Now that I have a system, though, I feel like I don't lose much more time than washing my hair in the a.m. plus the twenty for deep condition, but I can stretch,read,work, or clean. The application at night only takes me about 15 minutes. It all depends on how long and thick your hair is. My hair is long, but not so thick. I've been happy with my results, but there is a learning curve and I am still learning. Actually, that's what I like about it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Are there any stores where I can buy Henna powder?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello, I have a question about applying henna over existing highlights. My highlights are over nine months old. I was thinking about getting them redone but now I am considering doing henna to give my hair some shine and hopefully thickness. Do I run any risks using it over the highlights?

  • Anonymous says:

    … just wondering …why the green tea? What effect does it have ??? Ive also heard about using lemon juice … any ideas how usefull the juice is ??



  • Anonymous says:

    Post is for Linda Mackey,

    Linda it's Henna Newbie thanking you for your guidance on the use of the indigo. My hair is now a beautiful 'black cat' black! I am so very happy to have my black hair back and my gray totally gone… it is amazing to me. Hiding that orange/flame color was very difficult an now I can be myself again.

    I was afraid when I saw the green powder and thought it would turn some weird color, but it is awesome — thank you from one sister to another. You took time to educate me and I am so appreciative.

    Be "blessed" and thank you & CN for releasing me from the need to use chemicals to color my hair, the damage, and the salon cost — I am free and my hair is sooo healthy!

    Henna Newbie

  • WingsMassageBdw says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I recently went to a natural hair salon in my state. I planned on getting a color (I thought would be a henna) but wound up with a permanent color in my hair. In hindsight I should have confirmed it would a henna not a permanent color but alas I didn't. My question to you is whether in 6-8 weeks it would be safe for me to get a henna on top of the permanent color without damaging my hair?

  • Anonymous says:

    I just called and I mentioned that I heard about them from your website and they told me to tell you. THANK YOU!

  • Anonymous says:

    The difference between the Jamila Henna for Hair and the Ancient Sunrise henna For African American Hair is where the henna is grown and the dye content. Ancient Sunrise is from Rajasthan, India and Jamila is from Pakistan. They also have henna from Yemen. The Sunrise for African Hair has a lower dye content, so it's meant to be used more for strengthening/texture improving than dyeing it red. The henna tribe has a henna for hair forum that gets answered frequently if anyone is interested. and you can buy henna here cheaper:

  • Foxxy says:

    The instructions I have for henna say to apply to clean, dry hair. Does it really matter if your hair is dry or can it be applied to wet hair? I have the Rajasthani Henna and applied it for the first time yesterday. I like the results but would also like to know if I can treat my hair before applying it and therefore apply to wet hair. I am a newbie (only been natural for 2 months and did the BC).

  • Anonymous says:

    Henna Newbie – Linda Mackey said…

    spamming you for a response in the clutter of the blog noise. Please see my 24 Feb posting, and much, much, thanks in advance!

    Luv ya Sis

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Ladies,

    I have a quick question–anyone free to answer. What is the difference between the Jamila Henna for Hair and the Ancient Sunrise henna For African American Hair. I believe there are both BAQ. I've been using Ancient Sunrise for over 6 months now and haven't really had any issues but what exactly are the differences, if any. Also, has anyone ever used Original Conditioning Hair Masque from Butters-N-Bars? If so, what are your thoughts?

  • Anonymous says:

    Linda Mackey – you Rock!

    Thank you for responding to my post on how to tone down the red my grey exploded into from the henna. I just ordered the indigo and look forward to using it with my next treatment. I was going to leave the henna in overnight again, so would i just appl the indigo once I wash it out and how long should i leave it on? You are a life saver…can't cover up my flaming hair forever (:

    thanks so much for the Henna Newbie

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the products from mehandi, however, the shipping cost are ridiculous. By the time I order my Ancient Sunrise henna for gray (includes henna and indigo) It's costing me over 22 dollars.
    I've since switched to AyurNatural Beauty. Ordered the Rajusthana henna and indigo with the tax/shipping it was under 18 dollars. Still a bit expensive but they over BAQ henna and I hear their customer service is great.
    My hair is really growing since I started the Henna/Indigo in September/2011 Its strong, soft, so much shine. Nikki's method of adding the a couple teaspoons of honey made a huge difference. Also, putting in the henna overnight saved me from using the whole day dealing with my hair. Thank Nikki 🙂

  • AfroCubana says:

    Woo hoo! So I am so excited about Henna! I tried a straight treatment last week, and i liked the color and thickness of my hair after the treatment. However, my hair was a bit too hard afterwards. It took a couple of days to get the moisture back in. I think the hardness was from my lack of cowashes… Anyway… On another note, I made a henna gloss last night using 2 green tea bags steeped in hot distilled water, 1 pack BAQ Jamila henna, honey, olive oil, and Pantene Conditioner. I applied it around 8pm, and washed it out around 5am. I had to get up very early to take my daughter to an appt, so the treatment didn't sit as long as i wanted it to. I co washed with Garnier Tipple Nutrition at least 4 times, and now i am sitting at my desk at work with a deep conditioner on my hair (curl junkie/Carols daughter Monoi Repairing mask) covered by a shower cap, a scarf, and a winter hat. Being that it's casual Friday here in corporate HQ i hope no one says anything. On lunch, I plan to hit the gym- for a 45 min steam room session to let the deep conditioner work its way in. So far i love how soft my hair is… to make a long story even longer… HA! Thank you Nikki for such a wonderful informative site.

    Power to the Henna Heads!!!

    Best regards, peace and blessings!

  • Linda Mackey says:

    Often that bright orange will mellow over a day or so, but if it doesn't there are a couple things you can do. If you like the red but want darker, simply apply more times. If you want brown or black you'll need to use some indigo. There are a couple different ways to do your mix. For brown you can mix henna and indigo. For black, apply the henna (which you've already done) then follow that with indigo. Don't use straight indigo on white/gray hair because you'll get blue!
    Henna is so much fun, and the color combos are really unlimited.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki and henna experts,

    Newbie Henna here with a big call for help & guidance:

    So I took the henna plunge & following the Nikki method in every way. My hair is healthy and shiny – however my grey is bright orange. I am just going to keep it covered until i can get an assist from you.

    i love the henna product, just not the way my grey hair loved it. I have noted folks talking about following up with indigo?? I am clueless but I want to continue using the henna without ruining the results or looking like a over-processed red head…not cute…

    I sincerely do not want to color my hair with chemicals again and my hair loves the henna product – just need that red toned down – help! and Thank you!
    p.s. I bought the henna in bulk…of course I did (:

  • Dallas Landrum-Martin says:

    I was about to order from the website you recommended, but the shipping ended up being as much as the product I needed. I found that has the Jamila, though I ended up going with the Red Raj to get the highest lawsone content (ps the owner is quick to respond to questions on the FB page). I did my first henna treatment last night and immediately followed up with a deep conditioning treatment, based on the advice on your post so thanks! I didn't have the loose curl effect so I'm happy with that, and I have a dark almost unnoticeable red color happening. I wanted more red, so I'm thinking another application next weekend. PS – thanks for recommending head dunking first, you might have saved my shower!

  • AfroCubana says:

    just ordered my henna from It has a low dye content, but i don't want it for the dye anyway. I'm hopeful that that despite the low dye i will still get great conditioning results.

    BAQ Jamila 2009 BULK PACKAGE
    FANTASTIC LOW PRICE 1.19% dye content

    This is genuine Silver Box Body Art Quality Jamila, We had it shipped over without the boxes to save money, and you can tell by the silver sleeves it's the original. However, when we sent this batch to the lab, the reports showed that this batch is just 1.19% Lawsone. We're dropping the price to reflect the low dye content. The sift is wonderful: use it on long hair, thick hair and African hair. If you're not trying to cover gray, and don't really need the little cardboard boxes, this is one heck of a bargain price on Jamila!

    Pesticides and lead are within EPA safe levels.

    Purchase Body Art Quality Jamila at bulk discount!

    3 g sample of Jamila 2009 batch 031011 = $1.50 #2263

    100g Jamila 2009 batch 031011 = $5.00 (one bag in bulk box; $5.00 per 100g) #2264

    500g Jamila 2009 batch 031011 = $22.50 (five bags in bulk box; $4.50 per 100g) #2265

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki, ok well let me first start off by saying my name is Tiana and i'm 18 years old and i really love your forum, tips, and everything else you do 🙂 ….I've been natural now for about 2 weeks. I have a twa and want to add a bit of color but I'm scared to use chemical based dyes from stores as I know if causes extra dryness to our already dry natural hair (which I haven't got the hang of moisturizing just yet) . My only concern with using Henna is I've read in several places that it can never be washed out..don't get me wrong I like the idea of the red tints it will leave in my hair but that's only for right now…what if I want my natural dark brown/black hair back in the future, will it grow out as my hair gains length?? I'm really stuck right now..I really want color in my hair right now because I feel like that will give me the confidence I need to rock my twa with pride..

  • Dani Jones 859 says:

    I have henna'ed a few times and I will never go back to chemical color again! I love the way the henna makes my hair feel and look. The first time didnt go as well as I had hoped because I made my mix a little too watery. I use Lipton cherry pom green tea and it seems to cover the smell some. I also put the juice of a citrus fruit (lemon or orange, whatever I have around the house) for a boosted acidic effect and pleasant smell. The honey makes it perfect! I was lucky enough to find a doctor in my city that imports henna from India and always has plenty on hand. She also makes an AMAZING condtioning moisturizer from coconut oil and all natural products. Her website is if you want to check it out. Ive even turned my mom into a Henna Head!!!

  • Tyra B says:

    Nikki I see that the site does not have the Jamilla anymore. Is there another brand that you use? Or better yet how do you choose what brand to use?

  • Viv T says:

    Hi Curly Nikki,

    I really love this thread… I see you have not replied in a while. I know you are busy being a new found curl goddess but I was wondering if you could help me out. I trust your site so I was wondering if you could share in a little more detail how exactly you make your henna mixture. I am new to this so I wanna know exactly what to do that way I can yield the best results. Please replyyyyyy!!!!! 🙂

  • KiKi Robinson says:

    Hi, Nikki
    I am 17 yrs old and I've been natural for about a year now, an i cant seem to get my hair soft enough to manage.And im guessing its because i have really dry 4c type hair (nappy), which is really course. I was wondering if i tried henna would it soften it up some or change the textur to it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Curly Nikki,

    Right now I've been natural four months and I transitioned for about a year. I'm still noticing frizz and dryness after twist outs so I think I'll give this a shot. I'm wondering if this can take the place of a protein treatment. I'm thinking of doing henna every other week along with my wash regimen. Thanks for all your help. Your site has really helped with my hair journey


  • Anonymous says:

    After reading all comment, its looking like… I too will be trying me some Henna on my Head…. There however is something concerning me, I have natural sandy brownish hair with blonde streaks and about 15 strands of gray in front… Is this going to change the brown hair color to black? :{

  • Dee Williams says:

    I am a older women and would like to known if this henna you all talk about would help my hair grow as the younger women hair.My hair is natural.Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    How do you get dark brown hair color with using the henna ,what do you use,and how often on hair that still has perm ? THANK YOU

  • edzodzinam says:

    I used henna before on my perm hair it those great job at that time, i used to mix it in my avocado mask. Now i'm natural and still used it ones per month. I have a question is it true we can not used henna before or after dye our hair? (sorry for my english)

  • says:

    I used to henna and the benefits are great. I could tell that my hair was stronger and it was so bright and shiny. I stopped because the process was so darned long. Thinking about starting back though. Glad to know you have all the details here, I almost forgot how to 🙂

  • Leslie says:

    Thanks Tia. I have just applied henna to my own hair and going to bed. I can't wait to see the results.

  • Unknown says:

    I wouldn't recommend using Henna on a child – because of the mess. It can be hard to rinse out and if a child gets it on anything it may stain forever.

  • Leslie says:

    I am about to try henna for first time. Is it safe to use on a child's hair?

  • Anonymous says:

    For gray will get a reddish tent and if your hair is black..NO it will not turn red..Do your research before you start..all of your questions will be answered.

  • Anonymous says:

    can someone answer this for me….i'm confused as to whether henna will dye my hair red. I'm seeing the pics but i'm confused. My hair is black, i want to use henna and i want it to stay black! will it turn it red?

  • Anonymous says:

    How is henna on gray hair? What color can I expect? I color regularly with a commerical semi permanent but want to switch to something more natural for my graying hair. Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello there,
    So this is my second trial with henna. The first I did last week with an organic henna purchased from Neals Yard in the UK.
    Although, it mixed very well, I found it slightly gritty and very difficult to rinse out. My hair was really dry even after I had DC.
    The next couple of days my head really started to itch, I believe that because the henna was very gritty, there was still some deposit left in my hair. I was very lucky and managed to track down a distributor of Jamila henna in the UK, I placed the order and received the goods the next day. The first thing I noticed when mixing was that it was smoother and washing it out was so easy. My hair felt very soft and no gritty bits. Will leave my DC on over night and see the results tomorrow.

  • Anonymous says:

    As long as it's 100% natural it is okay to use during pregnancy. However, please do research and make sure your henna is from a reputable source such as Mehandi. I wouldn't get it from anywhere else because Catherine, the owner, tests it for impurities.

  • Tiffany S says:

    Hey Nikki, love your site. I'm thinking about trying Henna but I'm pregnant. Do you know if it's safe during pregnancy?

  • Anonymous says:

    Guys all your Henna questions can be answered on

  • Anonymous says:

    I gave myself my 1st Henna Gloss. My gray hairs in the front are wonderfully colored red. I have recieved so many compliments in the last 24 hours. Just after 1 application. Can't wait to see what future monthy appliations will yield!

  • Alexia says:

    @ Anonymous (9/24/11): If you look at the MEHANDI
    website, it provides instrution on how to best use the Henna. Im not sure what color you are looking for, but if you are trying to go black you would need to use the Indigo over the henna.

    @ CURLYNIKKI :I am really excited about trying Henna! Im am, however ununsure on the amount that is right for my hair. My hair when streched out is approx "mid-boob" length. Do you think I will need 2 packs? How many packs do you use for one application? Thank you in advance!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello Nikki, I just bought the Jamila Henna and I was wondering if there were any ingredients that I could use to prevent it from changing my hair color?

  • naturallysweetkandi says:

    hi I want to henna but do not want the color change so I ordered the indigo with it. Have u ever used indigo with it? How did your color get so dark?

  • Anonymous says:

    Can I use Henna on my locs?

  • Anonymous says:

    I just dd my first Jamila henna to cover my gray. The front of my hair which has the most gray is too orange, but the back looks like streaks. Will this color change any over the next few days or should I go ahead and use the remainder of my henna to darken the orange?

  • Anonymous says:

    Just adding to the discussion….did my first henna treatment today using Mehandi's Henna for African Hair (which is Jamila 2009 repackaged in Mehandi's boxes). Have about 3.5 to 4 inches of 4b hair, naturally a chestnut brown with some copper highlights.

    Used an entire bag (100g) of the henna mixed with one can of full-fat unsweetened coconut milk. Whipped it up until smooth and let sit in a warm room covered with cling wrap for about 15 hours to get some dye release before application.

    Using the slow and steady method I didn't splatter it everywhere, just used my latex-gloved hands to apply it thickly to my untwisted hair (like cake frosting!). Wrapped my head with some cling wrap and placed a plastic shower cap over it and let the henna work its magic for the next 4 hours. Used filtered water for the initial rinse, cheap conditioner for the next couple of rinses then a deep condition for my final rinse.

    My copper highlights definitely have more of a deep cherry cola red character to them, but will have to wait a few days to see how the color settles finally. With this being my first experience I don't have much to compare it to, but like some previous posters I was a little concerned about the color change. My hair is thin and porous and takes any kind of color very easily. Those concerned about color change might want to opt for cassia which won't impart color to the hair, but I'm happy with my henna experience and can't wait for my next treat. My hair is still VERY curly (i was hoping to get more loosening, but will be patient!)

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki is ghost!No replies…when the checks start coming in Lol. Still <3 ya tho!

  • Anonymous says:

    HI NIKKI I HENNAED my hair yesterday it was my first time trying.I bought Dulhan MEHANDI DELUXE and loved loved the results I did not experience any loose curls and noticed my hair was so soft and much thicker Im going to do HENNA from now on Thanks NIKKI for all the information and tutorials you provide your site give me so much strength and courage to continue my natural journey ….MUCH LOVE.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is Nikki away or something? She's not replying any more?

  • sarah says:

    is me!

  • Anonymous says:


    I am very new to the whole natural hair thing and I really want to do it right. I want to start doing henna but I have some concerns. I'm African American and my hair is a light black and I like that color. will it go red if I try henna? what if I don't want my hair dyed? is it possible to keep something close to my color? How do you know what you can or cant add to henna (ie. honey or olive oil)? and how do you know what combos do what? and why add these thing? I know it's on a hair by hair basis but I was wondering if people including Curly Nikkie could help me out. thanks!

  • Anonymous says:


    Forgot to mention in the above post the staff at Mehandi said the Ancient Sunrise Rajistani Twilight Henna covers gray hair well. Go to the site and read the description to see if this is right for you.

  • Anonymous says:

    -Kika and Anonymous

    Here is a response from Customer Service on,
    9-10-11 regarding the Personal Stash Jamila Henna and her recommendation….hope this helps!
    We no longer have that henna, that was from a few years ago, the henna we have now that would be most similar would be the Ancient
    Sunrise Rajisthani Twilight Henna. All of our products are for sale at [6], and the hennas are at the 2nd photo

    link down on the left…. or, here's the direct link: [7]

    (The Twilight Henna is the first one!)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki your site is amazing I've been hearing how great henna is for your hair and I'm really thinking about trying it but I tried to look on for jamila henna and I couldn't find it and I was wondering if you can help me with that…….thank so mch for all your great information

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki,Ilove your site it has taught me so much.I,m natural 1yr now and loving it I,ve never use henna before and really want to try it my problem is Ihave a lot of gray hairdo u think it will work for me please help

  • Anonymous says:

    I just hennaed my hair last weekend (a henna gloss since it was my first time trying) and I loved the results! So much so, I am thinking to do another henna treatment on my hair next weekend. Is that too soon? Has anyone done this before and can offer advice? Thanks in advance for your help ladies!

  • Kika says:

    Hello Ladies! seems to be out of the Personal Stash Jamila Henna (unless i'm just looking all wrong). Where else have you all purchased this exact product? Not having an easy time finding it.
    Thanks much!

  • Claireklm says:

    Hi Nikki,
    thank you, I will try using Henna this Saturday being a holiday. I have straight hair but I also have lots of thick strands , will henna work for thick hair strand.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm white, but my babies are probably going to be mixed race someday, and I fully intend on them having natural hair. I henna my hair all the time, although I had to stop for a while because of funds… and I must say the red is amazing, I haven't henna'd in almost a year and my ends are still bright red. My hair was so strong when I henna'd, but it did get really dry… I just used Africa's Best Organic Olive Oil DC and a leave-in of Infusium Repair. I have naturally wavy Caucasian hair, naturally light brown, and it came out beautifully. You also don't have to dye as often, since it doesn't fade. Oh, and on top of that, it gets rid of dandruff, bugs (great for kids in elementary school, LICE eww) and it's safe to use while pregnant. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I have very soft natural fine (thin) hair with a mixture of tight 3c corkscrews & looser S-wave curls. What attracts me to henna is the strengthening properties.However I am concerned about the color my hair might take on.I have shiny black hair & i love it! As the above user is concerned so am I. Is it possible to mix henna and apply directly, hoff after a few hours and still receive the strengthening benefits? I do not desire color change only strengthening properties.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Curyly Nikki,
    I am interested in what Henna can do for me. I am transition. I started Jan 2011. Crazy question if henna is a red color won't it dye my hair red? I know the mention of other henna products and colors. But if the real stuff is red won't it turn me into a red head so to speak, lol?

  • Anna Suki says:

    The more I read the more interested I am in henna. I shaved my hair off a year ago, tired of all the perms that only ravaged my hair. As my hair is growing back, it's about 3.5-4.5 inches now, I realize that the natural highlights I had may not come back. My hair is black but it use to have some rusty brown color/highlights, naturally, now it is just jet black. I miss reddish tint dearly and henna is something I'm willing to investigate more of.
    When I work out a hair routine since I'm still experimenting I will try the henna.

    Thanks for the post and the comments.
    Roxanne E

  • Only in Puerto Rico says:

    Lecia, compound henna have metalics in them. They are not 100% henna. If you use a permanent dye over a coumpound henna dyeyour hair will disssenegrate and as you. Rinse you will notice all of your hair in the sink. The best thing to do is a strand test from hair in your brush. Its important to know what you put in your hair. Its all good that people are taking hair matters in to there own hands but as my motherr says. "There are people who get paid to do it, so let them".

    -not ur mommas beautician

  • Stacy-Ann says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I tried my 1st Henna Tretment on Monday and, as I type I am on my second treatment. I love henna and I sweat, I'll do it henna time, henna place :). I big chopped 2 weeks ago and sfter chopping off all my relaxer ends, my hair was so coarse and dry, my heart skipped a beat. I bought a few boxes of henna while I was transitioning so, I decided to go ahead and start. It has softened my hair so very much and, gosh, I am really sold. I have really fine hair that was prone to breaking while I was relaxing, I hope my henna treatments will help to thinken my hair and make this journey a lot easier. Thanks so very much for all the information you provide for those of us who have decided to embrace our whole self!!

  • Stacy-Ann says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I tried my 1st Henna Tretment on Monday and, as I type I am on my second treatment. I love henna and I sweat, I'll do it henna time, henna place :). I big chopped 2 weeks ago and sfter chopping off all my relaxer ends, my hair was so coarse and dry, my heart skipped a beat. I bought a few boxes of henna while I was transitioning so, I decided to go ahead and start. It has softened my hair so very much and, gosh, I am really sold. I have really fine hair that was prone to breaking while I was relaxing, I hope my henna treatments will help to thinken my hair and make this journey a lot easier. Thanks so very much for all the information you provide for those of us who have decided to embrace our whole self!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to try Henna. I have looked into the Body Art collection. Has anyone tried Neha Herbal mehandi. If so, how did it work for you?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I absolutely loove your hair, it is so beautiful! I am very interested in trying henna for my hair, but I have naturally red hair and I am worried that the natural henna might drastically change my color. Should I use the "neutral" or cassia instead?

  • Lecia says:

    Hello Nikki,

    I just recently did a henna treatment and the results were great! I love the conditioning effect that it had on my hair. I also want to dye my hair permanently to a red color.I thought that the henna would give me some sort of color but I really did not see a difference in color. The only thing is with that it says on the box "Do not use on compound henna". So with that being said on the box of the permanent hair dye is it really not safe to use on hair that has been hennaed previously? Is there a alternative to the permanent dye? Should I use demi permanent dye?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello nikki,

    I wanted to ask you is there a safe way to dye your hair with permanent dye with a henna application done to your hair recently? BTW I love your site!

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki, I LOVE your hair. You've been such an inspiration to me on my natural hair journey! A question for you on henna: do you know if its safe to do both henna and protein treatments? I started with protein treatments about two months ago (I apply one every 6 weeks) to help fortify my weak, fine, limp hair. Would it be safe to also apply henna to my hair, or should I stick with only one or the other?

  • ajana says:

    Niki, your hair is beautiful! I only wish to have what you have. I have natural, thick hair that for the most part, is strong and healthy. But over the last few months I have noticed a change in texture, shine, and flexibility. I'm not sure why since I haven't changed my beauty routine or products. I've been thinking about trying some natural remedies and decided to explore henna again. I say again because I used henna on my hair a few years ago and initially I liked it. My hair was shiny and softer. The problem was that although I liked how it loosened my curls, over time, my curls appeared to be disappearing all together. I could no long wear my hair "wash and go" because as my hair dried, it would become straighter and straighter and the look was Tina Turner at best. I no longer appeared to have a head full of my S-curls. They were sporadic 🙁 Now mind you, my primary styling method is to wash, blow-dry and flat iron. Very seldom do I do a twist out or set it on rods, etc. I want to wear it in my natural styles, but I feel bound to straightening it because it doesn't perform well without it. Do you the loss of curls was due to the henna or my straightening routine?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi CN,

    I was wondering if the product Henna n Placenta was good for the hair. Have you tried it?

    Thanks a mill.

  • Anonymous says:

    What conditioner do you recommend to use after henna?

  • Anonymous says:

    wow this all sounds really interesting, and the pictured results are beautiful! i'd love to try the henna because i've been au naturel for about 5 years now. however, i have really thick shoulder-length hair and the regular wash and condition WEARS ME OUT!!! if i could find a victim–i mean HELPER for my hair i know i'd be a henna head for life!

    Yolanda Mzhotwax

  • Janessa says:

    this henna process sounds really interesting. i BC'd in march of this year, chopping almost all of my hair off. It is growing slowly but surely every day, would you suggest trying henna on a TWA?

  • Lalesia says:

    Hi Nikki

    I want to start using henna on my hair to get some of the benefits you talk about in this article- less frizz, less frizz!, smoother hair. I've never used henna before – what's the best way to start?

  • roshunda says:

    have you heard anything about supreme herbal henna mehandi

  • Anonymous says:

    I henna'd for the first time today and so far i love it. my hair feels much smoother and i can't wait to see how things turn out as i continue with the treatments. i found the hello hydration conditioner worked great and i did a DT even though i felt i didn't really need it, maybe because i added a little coconut oil to my mix. I'll probably do another treatment in two weeks. Thank's Nikki for the tutorial it was a HUGE help.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi NikNaj, I too am on the creamy crack and have henna'd my hair at least 4 times. I was introduced to it by one of my Ethiopian students. I have found that my hair has gotten thicker, I have less breakage and I don't have to perm as often (up to 10 weeks). If you follow Nikki's directions, especially using the deep conditioner, you'll find that your hair will not be as dry. I use it to cover my gray, it appears to look like red streaks. There are times when the color looks more orange, but after a few days, the color looks more red due to oxidation.

  • malkia says:

    curlies… please help! I recently henna'd using curly nikki's tutorial but it seems my hair has taken on a life of its own. I have so much frizz and one side is elongated and manageable where as the other side has massive shrinkage its like one big fuzz ball! has anyone ever experienced this?? how do I get rid of the frizz????

  • Anonymous says:

    I've really enjoyed reading all of these posts about Henna and how it benefits natural hair. What attracts me mostly to it, is the potential to make my hair softer and potentially loosen my curl a bit (I think I'm a 4a/4b). However, the process sounds exhausting enough for me to have to fight a nice long nap 🙂 Does anyone know of any salons in the Washington, D.C. area that do this? I'd much rather go and have someone do this for me. If anything, so I can see and experience the process before I try it on my own.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've been natural for a few years, I have a lot of gray. I'm just learning about Henna. I've read all of your comments, I feel I have enough information to become a Henna head. I will let you know how it turns out.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki, you may have already answered this, but does Henna cover gray hair. I'm 38 and didn't think the arrival of gray hair would bother me, but I hate it! I have been natural for 3 years and have taken really good care of, and spent alot of time and money on my 3c hair. I REALLY dont want to use traditional color, but I need to get rid of this gray!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    You all might find this helpful. also has On here they have forums one of which is just for hair. These are people with all hair types and the community is very helpful. In order to get dark brown or black hair they use henna then indigo, the process is sometimes called hindigo. There is also a free e-book there about henna for hair. Happy hennaing!

  • NikNaj says:

    Hi Everyone! Wow CurlyNikki! Congrats on your success i wish i would have know about this site when I was natural. Yeap!…i said WAS.
    I'm now back on the 'cremmy crack' in relaxer world. Im not quite ready to transition back yet, but I would like to color my hair. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on how henna works on relaxed hair. Thanks Ladies!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki! Thank for such detailed descriptions. Based on your experiences and Nia from Mykinksandcurls, I've given this a try. It's actually sitting on my head right now lol. Thanks again, can't wait to see a difference.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anon 647…you could probably get away with using 50-100g of henna depending on your hair's density and texture.

    Anon 435…henna will give your hair a red tint, especially apparent in sunlight. It may not be coming through in Nikki's pics. To get a brown color you have to add indigo to your mix. Follow the color guide in the handbook…linked below. Don't forget to test stray hairs from your brush or comb BEFORE you commit to a mix and apply to your whole head.


  • Anonymous says:

    hi curlynikki

    i have a question how come your hair is brown in your pics. i read that you said that henna only give your hair red highlight. so what did you use to get the brown colour.

    i want to try henna but i want it to give me a brown colour like your.

  • Anonymous says:

    how many grams of henna to use on 3inch twa? do u know niki? anyone?

  • Anonymous says:

    I love henna!

    I have done three henna glosses this year. I used Dulhan Mehndi Deluxe Henna Powder ($2.99, 100 g, local Indian grocery store).

    My henna gloss mix is 100 g of Dulhan Henna with AO HSR Conditioner, herbal tea and honey. I detangle, shampoo, apply henna, let it sit for a couple of hours and rinse it out. After rinsing the henna, I do an oil/honey treatment for 20 min. Then, I rinse, moisturize and style.

    Henna has given my hair a nice burgundy tint and thickened up the finer strands of hair on my head. My hair feels so nice after a henna gloss and my styles come out super defined. I'll be a henna head for life! 🙂

    P.S. I am a 4a/4b natural. I have experienced no changes in texture with henna usage (Thank, goddess!).

  • Carla says:

    Hi Anna,

    I just thought I respond to your comment since Nikki doesn't really post in the comments sections.

    I've been using henna on and off for several months to strengthen my hair and its done a great job. I wanted to let you know that not everyone experiences a looser curl pattern. Some do, others don't. Nikki states: "This is by no means a universal effect, and should be neither discounted, nor counted on. " That is so true. My hair is not looser (thank god) and I know other curlies whose hair has not changed in that way. Hope that helps!

  • Unknown says:

    hello Ms. Nikki 🙂
    First off, let me start by saying you are such a HUGE inspiration to me. Your curls are sooo b-e-a-utiful. I am currently transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair. I now have app. 5 & 1/2 to 6 inches of new growth(and no, I never did the "big chop" 🙂 i still have about 8 inches of relaxed/permed hair)(I keep trimming the ends every 4 months, until all the relaxed hair is gone)(btw i only had a relaxer for 3 years lol and i somehow got tired of straight hair, so that is why i am transitioning)…I have a very hard time figuring out what "pattern/texture" my natural hair is. When it is wet/washed, it looks like this—> …but when it is dry, it seems to be very,very VERY frizzy and i do not see a curl pattern anymore(or there might be a little curl pattern in certain parts). When i moisturize it with a cream(like a shea butter) the curl pattern seems to come back a little….but it still seems frizzy. When i comb my hair the following day, the comb somehow seem to remove the sorta "clump curl" like pattern as the comb glides through the hair…and it becomes frizzy. It is really frustrating to me because i love(and i mean i really do) love curly hair, and mine(im talking about the natural part) just wont seem to stay curly, unless it is #1…wet/washed, #2…moisturized with a cream, and #3…if i apply hair gel(i absolutely LOVE the look it gives me when gel is applied, but the bad thing about it is that it "flakes")…..Whiles browsing around on youtube and hair forums, i somehow came across your website(via bloggers) so out of curiosity i clicked on the link :), and let me tell you…i was completely blown away by your amazing curls(yes , i cant stop talkin about it). Then I read your article about how you got your hair to look like this "Im a henna head"…i even saw the video as to how you go through the process, it seems very interesting :), and i would very much like to try it to achieve a looser curl pattern.(do you think it would work for me? do you think i could get my natural curl pattern to look as loose and frizz free as yours when dry? how long(how many treatments) did it take for you to see a looser curl pattern?) I would really much appreciate a response from you Ms. Nikki 🙂 and thank you for posting this site………………………………………………………………………………………..and to all those who might think bad of me as i said i would like a "looser curl pattern", please dont, is just that different people have different taste in what they do/ do not like, and it just so happens that i am in love with curly hair, and to those who feel offended by what i said, let me take this opportunity to say that i am ever so sorry if you took what i said in a wrong way, because I could guarantee you that is not how i meant it :).

  • Anonymous says:

    I really woulld like to try henna since it seem to be good for natural hair. But, here is thing. I have been using bigen haircolor on my hair. Can I go from using Bigen haircolor to using Henna. If you can help me this, I would greatly appreciated it

  • Chimmy says:

    Ok so yesterday I used Henna for the second time. The first time was an utter failure, I had used ACV as my acidic solution and too much of it for that matter. I also let my mixture sit for about 24 hrs before using it. Also I made it too watery, so all in all, it was a failure. Now this second time around I followed the way you do it to a T. Before doing the henna I put a mixture of ayurvedic herbs in my hair, then I donned a plastic cap. While the cap was on my head I proceeded to mix the henna with the cool green tea. I covered it then went to rinse out my ayurvedic hair wash and detangle my hair. I came out of the shower put some honey in the mix and proceeded to put it in my hair. I thought the smell from my first try was due to the ACV, but that's just how awful henna smells lol. So this morning I go to rinse out the henna and wow, just freaking wow wow wow wow wow, I'm surprised. My first henna treatment resulted in hard, awful feeling hair, but this one wow, my hair is so freaking soft! Just like anon feb 22 10:28 said it is so soft. I don't know if it is anymore manageable, but it is definitely soft. I also feel as if I might not even need a dc, but I will do one because I have done one every time after washing my hair practically since my dc.

    Thank you so much for being such a well knowledgeable henna head!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been natural for over 9 yrs. At least 7 of them my hair was in loc's. I removed my loc;s in April and I have been enjoying trying different things on my hair. I recently tried Henna but my hair turned a reddish tint that's too red. Do you use anything on your hair to keep the color other than the Henna? Please advise.

  • Ashley says:

    Hi everyone!!!

    I've been natural since August 2008 but just tried Henna for the first time last night! So I was at a natural hair store and purchased the "Rainbow — red natural Henna". The results I got were okay, my hair is DEFINITELY way more reddish. I think I should have deep conditioned longer though because my hair is not as soft as I expected. I do see a lot of shine though. I think I will follow a lot of comments I have seen on here and go with getting some through Will be back with more results after I do that! Thanks for all of the comments and opinions. They have definitely inspired me 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki….I LOVE YOU!!!….I hennaed for the first time on Saturday. I prepooed with Vatika oil the night before, donned a plastic cap under my silk bonnet, mixed 200gms of Dulhan henna with herbal tea and apple cidar vinegar ( I used the vinegar because I didn't make enough tea for the entire mixture to get to the right consistency). I covered the henna and let it sit for 6 hrs to dye release (4-6 hrs is what the box says). When I woke up, I washed my hair (carols daughter rosemary mint clarifying shampoo and commenced to apply the henna like I would have done a perm in the past. The consistency was like yogurt and stayed right in place(No Mess AT ALL)and I really smooshed it into my scalp and squeezed it further into every strand with goved hands. I covered it with a plastic cap and let it sit for 8 hours ( put a hat over it and went out to run errands) I have 3c/4a coily hair and did the bc November 1, 2009. My curls loosened up a bit and made it much more manageable (HALLELUJAH!) Hubby hated the smell but I was ok with it. I filled my kitchen sink with water and just leaned over and swooshed my hair in it manipulating it under the water and it seemed to just melt right off my hair. When I dunked each side until I couldn't feel any more henna in it, I let the water out of the sink and did it again. The second time the water had very little orange left behind. I put in the suave almond & shea butter conditioner and detangled, it was soo soft and shiny there was no need for a DC. I will dc the next time to see if it makes a difference. I then let my hair drip dry and then sealed with EVOO (NO Leav-in). Came back a little later took out the fat twists, sectioned into smaller plaits and did a pretty braid out. My hair is sooo pretty and it took up the dye beautifully…I got soo many compliments at church on Sunday. My gray hairs look like copper highlights. When I replaited my hair that night it was soo easy, it was soo soft and no tangles. I'm in love. The Dulhan henna has Amla, Shikakai, Aritha, Bhringraj and other herbs in it and I got it for $1.99 for 100gms at the Indian grocery store. The sift was excellent!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Curly Nikki

    After reading your testimony I am excited to try Henna. But I'm some what confused here. You said that you use Jamila Henna, but you hair is jet black. Is the Jamila Henna Cassia or is it Henna? Another question, Does it matter how old the Henna is when you purchase it. I'm seeing 2008 and 2009 Henna on

  • faith says:

    would anyone like to henna my hair? i am willing to pay to learn how to do it on my own…

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been using bigen hair color oriental black to cover my gray hair because I have stubborn gray hair. I want to srart using henna. Can I go from using bigen haircolor on my hair to using henna? Will my hair turn purple? If not what henna should I use? Has anyone had a similar problem and is now using henna? Please respond.

  • Anonymous says:

    Help Curly Nikki!!! I lost my beautiful waves and now have a frizzy head of hair. I only used the mild application with the conditioner 4 times. I am so disappointed in the results. Is there anything I can do to get my waves back? It's been two months since my last henna and my hair is still frizzy!

  • A GA Peach says:

    Hi Nikki, After my very first henna exactly a week ago, I am now a very happy henna head! I'm kind of a research nerd, have to look for as much info as I can find on anything, everything before making a big decision like this one. I'd read so many different recipes, and processes that I was getting confused. Lemon juice? Apple Cider Vinegar? Henna Gloss? Orange Juice? Wash hair before, don't wash it before. Finally I decided, "I like the way her hair looks." So I decided to just follow the path you'd laid out. And it worked. I got the Ancient Sunrise for African Hair from Mehandi, and I love the color. I have a lot of gray but it completely covered it and turned the gray a lovely copper. Right after I rinsed the henna, I mixed some Jojoba, Olive, and Coconut oils with my Aussie Moist Conditioner, slathered it on, added a couple heat retaining caps and left it on for about an hour. When I rinsed it out I could not believe how great my hair looked, felt. My tight cork screw curls were a little looser, and it just looked great. The copper at my hairline had darkened so it wasn't as fiery.

    So I've got another batch of henna brewing right now, will put it in my hair tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see the results. I've already ordered enough for the next couple months. Happy Henna Head for life!


  • Anonymous says:

    I'm the curly who commented on December 27, 2010 @ 11:19 PM. I just had to update my fellow curlies on my hair. I've henna'ed about 6 times now. Even tho Nikki said that it'd make your hair thicker, I didn't really see the results. I kept doing it anyway. My hair is VERY fine. As soon as I put some heat on it, i'm wondering where it all went. Even though I was natural, I always straightened my hair. So I decided to refrain from heat styling it. October was my last press n curl. I washed and henna'ed last weekend. After washing the conditioner out, I did a Twist N Curl. It was really late so I went to bed without sitting under the dryer. It didn't come out so well. So I blow dried it the next day. I was amazed at how thick it was. I thought it was a fluke and told myself that it would all go away after I flat ironed it. It didn't! My sis in law, who used to do my hair, couldn't believe it (I sent her a pic). Henna is no joke people! Take it from me, someone who has had such thin hair that I used to add tracks to make it look fuller. I am officially a henna head!

  • Anonymous says:

    I just did my first Henna treatment yesterday, and the application was a lot easier than I expected. I actually don't mind the smell either. I was planning on staying home all day and writing my psychology paper, so I put it in my hair on Saturday morning. That afternoon, my friend came over to pick me up so we could go to dinner to celebrate her birthday. I TOTALLY FORGOT about it! (I am a horrible person.) I wrapped my head up really tight in saran wrap, a stocking cap, and threw on a wig and out the door I went! Despite that whole fiasco, my hair came out SO SOFT!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! My hair also looks amazing! After 5 years of being natural, I have finally found my all time favorite product. Thanks CN!

  • Anonymous says:

    I did my first it was so exhilarating..I have a TWA I think hair type 4c ( i think) its curly. LOL
    Anyway I was to hyped to order Jamila so I went to WholeFoods and since its one of my all time trusted grocery I knew they wouldnt let me down, and they didnt. I bought Winter Mountain in Red. My hair did change sum color/ mostly copper it was dark brown with lots of "wisdom gray" LOL. But no joke I just gave myself a substantial trim and I admit I cut too much on one side, but the naked cant tell. However it was a little spacey on that side and I promise after my treatment of henna that side looks fuller and thicker.. it crazy….
    I will be trying the Jamila brand that CN lives by, yet I can say ladies, the Winter Mountain with the wolf on the box is awesome!!!
    I am an official Henna Head… t


  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Curly Nikki,
    I've been natural for a little over a yr 1/2. I henna'd for the first time last weekend and saw results immediately! My hair has undergone considerable breakage after dyeing it over the summer. When I would twist my hair at night, there would be clumps of hair coming out in my hands. I chose to henna to counter the damage. So far, so good! Since henna-ing, I have little to no hair coming out. I also put my daughter on to henna-ing (she did it for the first time about a month ago). Her hair is relaxed. It now looks fuller, with no flyaways and it has the most beautiful brownish red tint. Henna will definitely be a part of our hair care regimens moving forward.

    Thanks so much for the info! I discovered your site about a wk ago and I'm so glad I did 🙂

    God Bless!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello. This is my 1st post. I'm excited! lol. I just finished henna'ing this afternoon. It's been 5 1/2 yrs since my last relaxer. I haven't looked back since. I just wish I wud've found this site while I was transitioning. It wud've made my life easier and cud've saved me from losing so much of my hair. I use Reshma henna. Honestly, I henna for color. I mix amla powder and shikaiki with the henna. Today makes my 4th time henna'ing. It's a long process, but it's totally worth it!

    Thanks for the advice Nikki!

  • Leah says:

    Hi Curly Nikki,
    I am trying to grow my hair past my waist and yesterday my friend told me about henna when I saw it on her hands. She told me it was very good for my hair and that I should use it, but will my hair turn wavy since my hair is a biracial (Type 3/3c)?
    p.s. I have soft ringlet curls and whenever I style my hair, it becomes tight at the back as it begins to dry… do you think Henna is right for me??

    yours truly,

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Ladies, I've been henna'ing for a while (2 yrs) Thanks to Curli Nikki. I really love the results and it has turned my gray strands a deep burgundy. I use Jamilla Henna from, I mix with orange juice with a little honey. I'm going to also try using a bit of Jojoba Oil, I love this oil…it makes my hair super soft.


  • Ijeoma says:

    If you have golden highlights in your hair and you henna it, will the color come out really weird?

  • BROWNBROWS says:

    I love to mix mine with Celstial Lemon Zinger tea bags. They really pack a color punch.

  • Anonymous says:

    That Mehandi site is wonderful as is the owner, Catherine–thanks Cat educating us & thanks Nikki for giving us the real life experience on Henna!

  • Anonymous says:

    what about using apple cider vinegar with the henna?

  • Kristen says:

    Just went to and glad to say they accept Paypal as I am unemployed and strapped for cash!! LOL …I will have to order soon. :o)

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank You, Curly Nikki for all the great information on henna and the benefits of using it. I have been debating about using henna for the past several months and finally I did my first henna on Nov 12th. I purchased Jamila henna 2010 from and I absolutely love the results. The color looks great and I received several compliments on it, the henna did loosened my curls some and my hair feels soft and manageable. I will definitely henna again – I think I am hooked 😉

  • Poohbear0215 says:

    After reading this concise article, I may have to try henna one day.

  • Anonymous says:

    i did my first henna tx today. So far I am loving the results. I purchased it from BAQ henna for african american hair.
    I wants everyone to notice that when you buy henna for afr amer hair from mehandi it is Jamila 2009. It is printed on the foil packing. So they are the same.

  • Anonymous says:

    @roseofsharron I am afriad of the color change….I like jet black hair….so what types of Cassia would be good for me to try instead of henna. And how do I apply Cassia

  • roseofsharron says:

    I personally love henna on my hair! I read a couple of the responses and wanted to respond based on my own experience with henna. It does losen your curl pattern, but if you add Amla Powder to your henna or after your henna treatment you will retain your curl.
    @ the eXclusive -yes, lemon juice can be drying. I use olive oil and honey to add to my henna then a good natural deep conditioner containing shea butter to follow– no lemon juice for me in my hair.
    @beenAuNaturel — if you are fearful of the color change, I would stick with cassia. It has the same effects as henna without the color change.
    @Anonyomus- gray hair– Yes! henna will cover your grays completely! I just did this on my mom's hair and then followed up with indigo. ALL of her gray is gone! I can't post my process here but feel free to check out to see what I did to cover her grays and to see the picture results.

  • BeenAuNaturel says:

    Hi There,
    This is my first time posting a comment and i really want to to try henna…well morese the cassia. I do not want to dye my hair. Its against my belief so what should i do? Should i use cassia, PLEASE HELP ME!? If u use henna… to prevent my hair from dying should i leave it on for like 15-20 mins? I want my hair to remain its natural color.

    Thanks Val

  • Anonymous says:

    How much usage do you get out of the 150-200g of henna? Is that just for one application?

  • Anonymous says:

    Is henna beneficial for hair that s shedding. I have 4b, coarse hair. I recently had a baby and due to the hormonal changes my hair is shedding. I am trying to find a product or hair regimen that can help with that.

  • Anonymous says:

    I did the BC several months ago and my curls are tight and dry. Will henna help?

  • the eXclusive says:

    I was told lemon juice is too acidic and is too harsh on the hair shaft.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki, I am going thru the transition of going natural, but I have lots of gray hair. I would like to know, will henna cover my gray completely?

  • Anonymous says:

    I jus purchased some henna & I'm finding a lot of different ways 2 mix it. I'm not really sure which method 2 use. I did want 2 ask about the tea & coffee tho. Y the tea & coffee?? I was told 2 jus use lemon juice….

  • Anonymous says:

    I just read your experience with henna, so I decided to try it. I have previously died hair and I am trying to get back to my natural dark hair color. In addtion I need my over processed hair to become stronger and thicker. I just did it today and as I type I am sitting with the deep conditioner on my hair. I tried the henna from the store Lush Have you ever reviewed/tried it? Also, you said that some people have experienced their loose of curls. If this has happened on the first application, will it continue as you use the henna, or is this a one time occurance.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I am new to your site. I am thinking of trying Henna. I have some red dye in the crown of my hair. I am graying so I do not want to just let it grow out. Is it ok to Henna on red hair? Will I look like a crayon? Also what deep conditioner do you recommend?

  • Anonymous says:

    I want to try Henna…but I dont know where to find it because I don't have and credit card and I'm a college girlie in the bahamas…But I am transitioning as well and 7 months post relaxers…but the henna you use is Body Art? what exactly does that mean…its not the one for hair :S

  • kassandra says:

    hey Nikki,

    i wanted to purchase the same henna as you did but it saying that the dye contents are not guaranteed? also online only has Jamila Summer 2009 crop and the Body Art Quality Henna: Jamila 2008 does it matter which one i use?? HELP!

  • Shakirah says:

    hi everybody!
    just wanted to put my 2 cents in on my henna experience. i have 4a/4b grade hair that is VERY thick and a mix of sandy and dark brown. i use BAQ henna for african hair ( it made my hair stronger and shinier (less breakage when combed wet or dry) easier to comb and style (i guess it may have loosened my curl pattern slightly) i love the results and plan to henna once a month. my mix is:
    100mg of the BAQ henna for african hair
    diluted lemon juice
    mix this together until henna is consistency of mashed potatoes (approx 8 oz of the liquid)
    let this sit overnight for dye release (the henna barely turns my hair red since it's so naturally dark)
    the next morning i add strong green or black tea to the mixture until the henna is the consistency of pudding, then add a few tablespoons of honey to make it extra smooth.
    i apply it to sectioned hair, wrap it up in plastic, let it sit for at least 4 hrs, then rinse rinse rinse!
    i then do a quick wash with carol's daughter khoret amen shampoo with sea moss, then deep condition with one of her hair smoothies.

  • Simply Naturel says:

    Hi NIkki,

    I want to try Henna. I have thought about it for a while now. Online has Jamila Summer 2009 crop and the Body Art Quality Henna: Jamila 2008. which one do you use? or does it matter. i think that one is the BAQ and the other summer 2009 crop is not. plz advise

    thank you

  • Lorian says:

    Hi Nikkie! You've made a Henna believer out of me. I went to both sites and the butters-n-bars seems much easier to order from and navigate. I just feel really lost. They are doing a sale right now and I don't want to miss out, but I also don't want to buy stuff that won't work for me. I don't want my hair to turn red-ish. Is it a situation of the more you use, the darker it becomes. I hear it is hard to remove, so this is s permanent color change? I have more, in-depth questions, but I'm just going to start here. This is a whole new world to me. hahahaha

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki I have some grays I was wanting to use henna, but I am afraid the henna is going to turn my grays green or some weird color. Please let me know if it is safe to henna with the gray hairs that I have. If so how well does it cover the grays the first application.

  • Embracingmycurls says:

    I just got my first Henna in the mail today! I am so excited to try it and see the results!
    Thanks so much Nikki for all the information!

  • ABAgail Dunn says:

    Hello hello, all!!

    This is amazing!! It makes me soooooooooooo happy to see so many women in love with their hair!! I just got on looking for ways to end the breakage and look at all this!! I love this site!!

    I want to try henna as well, though my concern is the idea that my hair may turn red. My hair is jet black however, so this may not even occur.

    Also, what is everyone's favorite leave-in conditioner to use with henna?? I got some amazing honey and coconut conditioner in Egypt, but I am sure Sally's Beauty Supply has something just as great!! Hey, maybe they have henna, too!!

    Best wishes to everyone!!


  • Anonymous says:

    First I want to say thank you for everything! I have been transitioning for 1.7 years. I am really excited about using henna. I live in a densely populated Indian neighborhood with several Indian grocers, so I decided to see if they had the Jamila henna in stock. They had it and it was only 1.99 for 100g. On the website it is 7.50 for 100g. I am kinda afraid to use it. The box looks the same as the one on the web site but it does not say BAQ anywhere…maybe it is old??? I am nervous…

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been applying henna to my hair for over a year now and the results are amazing. I do indigo applications afterwards but my hair is soooooooo dark and shiny. I always get compliments on it.

    I always leave it overnight. And I do the same with the indigo so it is a 2-3 day process for me. And I have begun to henna every weekend. I don't care. It works.

  • Zay says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I have jet black (perm color) hair currently (the only chemical I have) but I wanted to know if I use the Indigo after the Hena treatment would that be just as healthy. I really like my dark hair and would also like to leave the hena on over night for the full benifits?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi CN….I'm like the sister who posted on May 7 who said:

    First I am a virgin when it comes to Henne!! I was planning on doing my hair this weekend, but I ordered some Henne and it did not have a
    1. DATE not on the bottom of the box
    2. WRAPPER containing the HENNA was not in FOIL
    And I am scared to put on my hair …..HELP PLZ"

    I have the same exact issue…a box of Jamila with no date and the bag inside is in a clear unopend bag…it says Superior Quality..Please help!! Thanks, Nia

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice break down of this process! I will keep this breif since you have many followers.

    1. Why don't you use an acidic liquid? I read that lemon juice is often used, but you just use tea-water.

    2. Is henna a "commitment" like a perm? As in if you stop, your hair will begin to break off at the point where the henna was applied and new growth.

    3. When you are applying your conditioner, the deep conditioner, you are rinsing it out correct? When do you apply a leave-in over hennified-hair.


  • Achante says:

    I am so interested in the Henna. Unfortunately I had a horrible reaction, receiving a Henna hair color treatment. It was Bigen brand and supposed to be black. Reading all these inputs I am wondering if the product was true Henna. I am allergic to chemical hair dye. So I wanted to try a natural one, and the reaction was the same. Are you familiar with Bigen Henna? And is that something totally different. I have going natural for about a year now. And just sounds like doing a Henna treatment would be great right now.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm light blonde and I got henna from an Indian store, its a few years old now and still I only need to let it sit for 30 min max and leave on my hair for 5 minutes. Longer than that and I would be Lucille Ball!Covers all the white/silver hairs

  • Anonymous says:

    First I am a virgin when it comes to Henne!! I was planning on doing my hair this weekend, but I ordered some Henne and it did not have a
    1. DATE not on the bottom of the box
    2. WRAPPER containing the HENNA was not in FOIL
    And I am scared to put on my hair …..HELP PLZ

  • Cherri says:

    I actually have henna in my hair right now. This is my first henna experience. Though I have yet to see the results, I am already happy lol. It was such a soothing experience for me. Totally beats coloring hair with some strong chemical smelling dye and feeling my brain cells dissipate with every fume. The plant smell was awesome. And I got to see how long my hair actually is (my shrinkage is NOT a game) without applying intense heat. I think henna just may be a good look. Thanks Nikki!

  • Poeticvoice says:

    Hey Nikki,

    I recently started using Henna since about January. At first, it was a little difficult because I didn't know what to expect. I first used the Rainbow Henna from Whole Foods but did not care for the results in terms of the color but my hair was softer and appeared shiner. I was convinced to keep trying so I went to my local Indian grocery store and this time bought the Neha Mehandi Henna. I like it. At one time, I was doing a henna treatment every week but now I do it about every three weeks to a month.

    I usually put jojoba oil in my treatment and let it sit on top of the refrigerator overnight. Once I am ready to apply the henna, I usually do it at night and sleep in it and rinse out in the morning. I do find my hair is a little crunchy but my hair has been growing like crazy! I need to keep experimenting with it and I think I will get it. I have some red hues but nothing considerably noticeable. I don't mind as long as it is healthy and strengthing my hair.

    Nikki–Please give some feedback on what you think I can do to eliminate the crunchy feeling after using henna.

  • sanaa979 says:

    HEY Nikki,

    I have been using henna for over a year now. My hair has shine and an red under tone to it. My hair is 4b type and it has loosen my curls in the back of my head. So I only use it every 3 or 4mos, no more than that.

    I mix Jamila Henna (please only use this brand) with orange juice & water, 1 tablespoon of honey. I make thick like cake frosting, I cover it with plastic wrap.Than let it sit on my stove top over night for about 12hr. I do this to let the dye release. I apply it to my hair wet, and leave it on for 4hr(no longer than that).
    I put my head in a tub of water to loosen the henna, and follow up with a deep conditioner.

  • Leslie says:

    Nikki – You are my hair idol. lol. I love your website… it has all the information I have ever wanted to know about doing natural hair. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom with the rest of us.

    Question; did you notice a change in the texture of your hair between Fall '06 and '07 after using the henna? And how often do you trim your ends?

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried to henna my hair for conditioning purposes and i think i protien overloaded my hair and i was wondering how to reverse the effects???
    and whenever i do henna again what moisturizing conditioner is the best and how often can i henna my hair?
    my hair type is 3c/4a it is silky when wet and a sahara desert once it dries (Yikes!!!) what to do???
    xoxo Jas

  • Unknown says:

    Hey Nikki!!! Love the site…I've recommended this site to a few friends of mine too. My question is what did your jamila henna package look like? I'm using one of those prepaid Visa cards and it doesn't seem to work well with PayPal, which is what uses. I want to purchase from another site, so I just wanted to make sure I was purchasing the true jamila henna. Thanks

  • hunt4anarnia says:

    Curly Nikki! I think you’ve been sent from heaven! Doing research now but can’t wait to post my before and after Henna pics!

  • Anonymous says:

    i have been reading your henna story and i am so impressed. right now my hair looks like yours prior to henna. i have been getting very frustrated with my hair and you have given me inspiration. thanks.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki,
    Wondering had you ever heard this before?? I spoke with someone at and actually it was about ordering Jamila 06. BUT, we ended up discussing the African American henna results I’ve had in the past…. Long story short, the rep said that the issue i’m having with stronger dye release is due to my Henna batch oxidizing before I put it on my hair. Now she mentioned the issue was that I need to make sure that the batch was covered with Saran Wrap! Not only colored but that the saran should touch and basically seal the Henna and this was to eliminate air from the batch processing. I asked if a bowl with lid would do the trick and she said “no” air is still entering…..Okay so I plan to try one more again 🙂 this time suffocating the batch with Saran Wrap, Plastic Cap, and plastic bag LOL….. I will post the difference. However, is this something you’ve heard of?

    April 14, 2009 3:49 PM
    Hey Nikki,
    Wondering had you ever heard this before?? I spoke with someone at and actually it was about ordering Jamila 06. BUT, we ended up discussing the African American henna results I’ve had in the past…. Long story short, the rep said that the issue i’m having with stronger dye release is due to my Henna batch oxidizing before I put it on my hair. She mentioned that I need to make sure that the batch is covered with Saran Wrap! Not only covered but that the saran should touch and basically seal the Henna and this was to eliminate air from the batch fully processing. I asked if a bowl with lid would do the trick and she said “no” air is still entering…..Okay so I plan to try African American Henna one more again 🙂 this time suffocating the batch with Saran Wrap, Plastic Cap, and plastic bag LOL….. I will post the difference. However, is this something you’ve heard of? Hope you don’t mind the long post….

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki,
    I'm a down low lover of your page….and i plan to take the Henna PLUNGE… I have rec'd my henna today, it's the African American brand!! Not sure what this is like since I haven't heard much about it! Anyhoo, I can't do it until the weekend since I plan to let sit on overnight but will get back to ya with noticeable results…..I'm looking forward to big hair and thicker strands…

    Hey Nik,
    I've Henna'd twice. First time with orange juice/honey/tea & the second time with 100% lemon juice with African American Henna from

    Okay, the 2nd time I can see and feel the thickness of this hair (Lion King in the house) My roots are a really pretty reddish/coppery color. So my feel on the AA henna is that is good for conditioning benefits. "I can hang from a tree with my strands now" BUT if color is what one is after, their hair should be brownish to totally see the stain/shine effect.

    I have black hair with/brownish my roots are doing the thing 🙂

    I plan to Henna for a third time in the next week or so, this time I'm going for the Jamila brand and I'll see what's up with your favorite Henna:)
    Later Nik,

  • Kris says:

    Hi Nikki!
    Im planning on doing a henna treatment as soon as mine come in! Im really excited, but I quick question about the strand test. I recently did my BC and I my hair is about an inch long. I’ve had vary little sheding so I don’t really have enough hair to do a strand test on. I was wondering if it would be ok to do a strand test on a small, unnoticable part of the hair on my head???

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki,
    I’m a down low lover of your page….and i plan to take the Henna PLUNGE… I have rec’d my henna today, it’s the African American brand!! Not sure what this is like since I haven’t heard much about it! Anyhoo, I can’t do it until the weekend since I plan to let sit on overnight but will get back to ya with noticeable results…..I’m looking forward to big hair and thicker strands…

  • Anonymous says:

    so? did you curls get looser? after how many treatments?

  • Wendy Will says:

    Hi CN,
    Just wanted to thank for this info. I tried your technique last week and the color came out beautiful but my hair was a bit dry. I did my second application of henna last night and added in more tea and way more honey and my hair came out great! Much softer and very shiny. Woohoo! Anyway just wanted to say thanks 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Does DT= detangling???

    hey nikki a girl from keepitsimple gave me your site so i stopped by and MY GOODNESS so much info , if i thought i could do i would even go back to natural lol but i know myself so it will be baby steps.
    i am planning on using Henna, and i am glad you have all this info thnx

    i do have a question though do i mix the powder with the tea only or do i add some water , then the tea and then honey??? sorry if it is a stupid question but i wanna get it before i experiment lol what king of consistency should it have …….???? like yogurt, less heavy or more heavy??? thankx thankx thankx


  • Anonymous says:

    I am so excited to try henna!!! It seems like whatever I do, how many times I DT, my hair is never strong or soft. It always feels really dry and brittle to me. I can’t wait to try henna to see how my hair reacts. Lawd knows I need the strength and moisture!!!! Thanks Nikki!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey CurlyNikki,

    After reading your experience with henna and scouring the threads on, I decided to give it a try. I went to my local Indian store, but didn't feel comfortable purchasing something that didn't say it was 100% henna, since I have had a chemical color previously. I ended up purchasing Hesh Heenara, which is a blend of henna (36%), shikikai, amla, brahmi and other Ayurvedic herbs (64%).

    My recipe:
    2 boxes Hesh Heenara (200 g)
    2 t finely-ground clove powder
    2.5 c spiced tea
    0.5 oz rice wine vinegar
    2 T honey
    2 T molasses

    I sifted the powders to remove any big pieces (just a couple), then blended all the wet ingredients into the powders and let it sit for 24 hours. I slathered it in, wrapped my hair up 3x in plastic, put on a scarf and went to bed.

    The next day, it seemed like the water was never ever going to run clear, but after a few applications of Suave Citrus Smoothie conditioner, O.M.G – easy, breezy and I only lost about 15-20 strands of hair! After using Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner as a leave in, and using Qhemet Biologics Alma & Olive Heavy Cream and Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm, my hair is noticeably rich, soft & dark. I am in love!

    As I type, I am prepping more henna. This time I was able to find Ayur Rajasthani Henna at another Indian grocer, and I will add clove and amla to this mix. I plan to do a treatment once monthly, switching between the Hesh Heenara and Ayur. Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki-
    I thought might appreciate this link, its an interview about Henna

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki-
    Question, you mention that part of your hair is 4a texture, I have 4a on the sides and Im finding that as I henna the 4a part is getting looser but frizzier. Did you have this experience and did it subside over time? Please let me know because I dont want my sides to turn into big puff balls:-) Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, Nikki! As most will agree, your blog is wonderful. So, I am looking to henna my hair not only for the conditioning effects but color as well. I have dull medium brown hair with dull, very light brown ends and I want to change it all up going a deeper, shinier dark brown. Now, I understand you are not using indigo which is needed to achieve this color. Do you have any suggestions or advice? I know you can’t testify to using indigo but do you happen to know the process?

  • Anonymous says:

    hi nikki,
    thanks for responding to my comment earlier. i wanted to come back and tell you that my henna came in from mehandi on friday, and i hennaed on saturday!! i kept it in for 12 hours (slept with it in saturday night) and washed it out this morning. i followed your recipe and used green tea (good earth) instead of ACV, and followed up with a AO HSR and oyin honey-hemp conditioner DT. i am soo in love with my hair!! it’s soft, shiny and it feels incredible!! i just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful resource your website created. i was sooo scared to henna before i found your site, and now i’m so glad that i did!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki: I’m new at this. I love your page. I came across your page from I wanted to take a look at your henna pictures from photobucket, but it asked me for a password. Can I please have the password so I can view your pictures?

    Nikki (yeah – same name) lol

  • =Sophia Loren Marie= says:

    alright lol I was super impatient and excited to buy my first henna lol so i couldnt wait, i just bought the pujabi prime from menhadi. I hope hope hope that its a good one cause instead of taking it baby steps ….i bought 500g. i dont even know you nikki but its your fault lol you and your gorgeous hair!! haha 🙂 i hope you dont mind that ill def be asking what to do with it when it comes. well which green tea to use.

  • =Sophia Loren Marie= says:

    Hey Nikki 🙂 Well Im so glad you posted this, I have been reading your thread on and went ahead and bought 200g of cassia. I hope thats enough!! Now though Im thinking maybe I should of went ahead and bought henna? On menhandi site which henna do you buy? I dont know which one to choose? Theres so many there!! Should I do the cassia more than oonce then henna? Or is it ok to do the cassia when it comes and get henna now and do it weekly for about a month? What do you recommend?

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Justme, definitely! Buy in bulk when you can…it saves money. I usually buy at least 500g at a time, sometimes more. Store your boxes in the freezer.

    Anonymous, my hair feels dry and a bit straw like upon the intial rinse. Apply a DT and it will immediately normalize.

    Yuyu, I’m happy you had a great experience with Cassia! I can’t wait to hear about your henna experiences…I’m sure you’ll love it! THe effects are more apparent and longer lived.

    Anonymous, know that when you choose to henna, it is a commitment. You can henna over dyed hair (as long as you’re using pure body art quality henna from a respectable site), but it’s hard to use commercial dyes over henna’ed hair. If you choose to henna, be sure that you’re not planning to go back to commercial dyes anytime soon.

    Rissa, cassia is a little different. I mixed mine with water (no acid), and a bit of honey for application purposes. Check out for other cassia mixes. You can also throw in some oils!

    Lanaboogie, I have summer 2007 and 2008. I think it has a shelf life of 5 years, so 2006 should be fine! I’ll have to check that out!

    Tammy, it’s exciting to hear that you’re contemplating taking the henna plunge! I henna’ed for the first time in Oct. 2007, and never looked back. I never get headaches, but when I sleep in it, I get mild sneezing spells the next day (like a minor head cold). Jamila is the best…but I can’t review the ‘henna for black hair’ at mehandi, because I’ve never tried it. I’m a Jamila girl, alllll the way 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    hi nikki, your website is really chock full of info and your hair looks gorgeous! i have been researching henna for a while now and i finally feel like i’m ready to take the plunge. i’ve been natural for over a year now and i love my hair, but sometimes it can be a little dry. i also want to experiment with color without using dyes or harsh chemicals. i’ve checked and based on your recommendation, i’m going to try the jamila brand, but i just wanted to ask if you had ever tried the BAQ henna for african hair from mehandi. also, have you had any negative reactions (itchy scalp, headaches, etc.) after hennaing?

  • lanaboogie says:

    Hey CurlyNikki,

    They are having a sale on the Jamila Henna from 2006. What year are you using? Do you think I’ll lose a lot of the effects with the older stuff.

  • Anonymous says:

    hi nikki,
    i think next month i want to try cassia. im definitely not interested in red hair but if cassia can give the same effects without the color i want to try. Is it supposed to be prepared the same as henna? and how do i find out about all these extras (ie honey, acv, herbs) to add for different effects?

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad I found this site! Your hair is beautiful! I recently died my hair soft black using Feria by L’oreal. I would like to start using henna for its conditioning properties. Do I need to let my hair grow out? If not, what henna mix do you suggest I use? Please help! Thanks!


  • Anonymous says:

    Hellloooooo Nikki.^.^ I liked how the cassia helped my hair. Now I am ready to try henna….Hopefully, I will not beceme addicted. x3

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki- Im curious, I used henna once and my hair came out kind of hard and it felt dry and I didnt notice any frizz reduction. How does your hair feel afterwards and how long did it take for you to see results?

  • Anonymous says:

    I see Nikki.^_^ Well, I applied Cassia to my hair today for the first time. I am waiting to see the results.^_^

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the reply! I have another question, I’m full of them today LOL! I want to buy my jamila henna in bulk to save on shipping costs, I’m thinking 1kg which should last for approx 10 uses. Do you think it’s a good idea? Can I store the unopened powder in the fridge or freezer?

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Justme, you’re totally right! Mix it with warm, not hot green tea ( I let it sit for a while, and when its cool enough for me to squeeze the liquid from the tea bags, i know I can mix it) and cover it. I then immediately hop in the shower, and apply it 20-30 minutes later. The dye has already released, and as long as you leave it on for longer than 4 hours, or overnight, you’ll be fine!

    hth and happy henna’ing!


  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Curlynikki
    I have a quick question – you have already touched on it but I just need further clarification. I am going to purchase Jamila henna. So I don’t need to wait for color release? I tend to get excited when I buy stuff (total PJ!) and really did not want to hang around for hours for color release. So if I can really use it immediately after mixing that would be great!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    This is a great topic for a thread. I’ll look back though old posts and let you know tomorrow.

    I think I just used water…and a little honey. But I’ll check and see 😀

  • Cholena Dyani says:

    Hey, I know it has been awhile since you used cassia, but do you remember what you mixed it with and how long you left it on?

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a bit excited to find all of this info. My hair is very hard to keep moist no matter wht i do so i’m convinced henna would help.. on top of that I’m in love with red hair lol… what better way to get both color and healthy strands?

    I’m not sure where to get henna though… its hard to get it online since i’m not in the states so that would be an extra few dollars for shipping etc… So I’m wondering what brands are good besides Jamila… thanks again.. going to do more research.. (deep conditoner)

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Thank you ladies for the compliments!

    Yuyu, the henna will not permanently loosen your curls, and it also won’t be very dramatic. Remind me to post pics of what my hair looks like the day after hennaing, versus one month post henna. It truly depends on the number of times you wash a week- if you wash more often, the loosening will be less noticeable much sooner, than someone who only washes once a week. However, the more treatments you do, the more you notice the loosening, shine, and smoothness. If I stopped hennaing this month, my hair would maintain its current look for upwards of 2-3 months, but I’ve been henna’ing for a year now. Long story short, it won’t be dramatic and its definitely not permanent. If you want to keep the curls the way they are use amla powder in your mix. Also, know that everyone doesn’t experience the loosening effect. You might have nothing to worry about! HTH!!!

    Joanna, I use Jamila brand henna from I’ve tried others, but it’s my old faithful-best stain, best results.

  • Joanna Lee says:

    which henna specifically are you using….I am on mehandi now, and they have punjabi prime, one from yemen, one for african hairone from rajasthan, and one from pakistan…I ordered a sample of each to see what color each turns my hair and I guess i would make my decision from there

  • TailorMade84 says:

    you have me excited about trying henna!!! my PJism is kicking in…

  • Anonymous says:

    I have not used henna..yet…I suppose.I am skeptical about using it. I do not know. You see about my curls I do not want to lose them. D’:…The unknown is like getting to me. I mean do your curls forever, and is it like a light texturizer. I am sorry I do not understand. I appreciate your help in advance.^_^

  • Cholena Dyani says:


  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Dyani, I don't see why not! As long as it is Body Art Quality (BAQ) henna from a respectable dealer, I don't foresee any issues. The only thing I rec' is to make sure you do heavy moisture treatments directly following the rinsing process. I've never transitioned, but I've read that the demarcation (sp?) line- the place where the relaxed hair meets the natural hair, is very fragile. Henna definitely makes the hair a little stiff post rinse, so please, please, please use a very moisturizing (protein free) conditioner following. I purchase my henna from Also, check out the thread below (you may have to paste it into a browser) its all about henna on relaxed and transitioning ladies:[]=7381&4e888c709e0d92276bae8ba6a347c0e5=3a62498040bccb3d031233a82c9ee3fb

    hth! and thanks for reading 😀


  • Cholena Dyani says:

    Hey! I am currently transitioning from a relaxer. Before this relaxer I was natural for almost 3 years. I am 4 months post now and I am interested in the conditioning properties of Henna. I was wondering if I should start the Henna now, while my natural hair is growing out? I want to make sure it is being treated right straight out the gate! I have already switched to more natural products (i.e. AO, Giovanni, Coconut Oil) What do you think?

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Nikki for creating this blog! You are my hair idol! I wish I could love henna as much as you.Don’t get me wrong, I loved henna at one time. But I have a problem with how it coats the hair. My hair will not even take a black rinse anymore. So it makes me wonder, if it is blocking the rinse is it blocking everything else I put in my hair? Idk, anyway your hair looks AWESOME!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki! :)) I think I can say that I am a henna head too…My experiences with henna have been great! I still let my henna sit because I don’t use Jamila brand but I might try it again and let you know…I mix henna with apple cider vinegar diluted in water and after I let the mixture sit over night I add honey and mix it up until it is a pudding texture…I apply it to freshly washed hair as I have been told it absorbs better in clean, wet hair…I let it stay on for 4-6 hours and then I rinse and use conditioner to help rinse it out…I end up with frizzless hair that starts off kind of strawlike but ends up soft and moisturized after I follow up with a deep condition. Anyway, ultimately henna strengthens my hair and promotes shine as well as helping with frizz!

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