As you know, I always ask our Naturally Glam-Natural Hair Idols the same question- What’s the best thing about being naturally glamorous?!

Check out how ISAKE responded to that prompt:

The love affair I am having…….

Each caress of this rendezvous
Confirms society’s plan for my
Self-hatred has been foiled

Fingering roots of rugged coils
My hand hypnotically drifts downward
Stroking the length Of extensions of me
Antennas to the universe
That echo
Nature’s crown is no curse

I am having
A love affair
With my hair
As I learn to love me


Show her some love ya’ll!!! That is AMAZING. If we have any more poets in the house, please share! Send your submissions to [email protected]

Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from the beautiful and talented ISAKE…who happens to be my auntie 😉