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Curly Nikki

Holly-A Story of Transition

By January 27th, 2021One Comment

I was a short term transitioner 2 1/2mos.
My plan was to go from March 2008 through January 2009 however, I got to May 11th 2008 and couldn’t take the two textures so I did the Big Chop. I was inspired during the time I was doing a 10 day master cleanse. I believe part of it was spiritual. I was cleansing my body and wanted to cleanse my hair so to speak as well. For the short 2 1/2mos. that there was, I did my twist on a wash-n-go. I knew the water and conditioner would be fabulous for my new growth and wouldn’t hurt my relaxed hair. So every morning I would co-wash and then get out of the shower put in gel and scrunch scrunch scrunch and scrunch some more and then when my relaxed hair had enough wave to it, I diffused it with a blow dryer. I used Ouidad Curl Quencher condish and Ouidad Tress Fx Styling Gel to acheive the look
I didn’t do anything special to moisturize just used the daily conditioner and water and it worked like a charm. I chose to go natural because I wanted to feel authentic. I wanted to be what GOD made me to be. I also wanted to be unique. With relaxed hair I felt I looked like every other woman (Black) that I saw, the staple shoulder length wrapped bob. I felt my relaxed hair was boring and artificial and I just wanted to be real, really me, all me.

Holly-A Story of Transition

Holly-A Story of Transition Holly-A Story of TransitionHolly-A Story of Transition

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