My Hair 11/20/08

Hi Ladies!

After yet another day of chaos, my week has finally come to an end. I get to stay home tomorrow, and I’m seriously contemplating making it a………


I’ve been doing treatments bi-weekly, and that seems to work best for me (as opposed to once a month, or once a week). It gives my hair just enough of a break, but the effects never wear off. Another good thing is that my buns always look twice as big after a henna treatment, and I’m thinking I may be depending on this hair style quite a bit for the next couple of months.

In other news…

Thanks to all of the gorgeous gals that have submitted their “Journey to Natural” stories yesterday and today. I will spend tomorrow morning getting those up for your viewing pleasure. Also, I will be responding to the comments left on each thread…I’ve gotten a bit behind!

Finally, thanks to all of you that have subscribed via email, and to those of you that have signed on as ‘Members’. The ‘Members’ section can be found over to the left…if you haven’t yet, sign up!!! The more the merrier!! Spread the word ladies!!!

Later Gators,

p.s. In other random news:

I got REALLY sick after consuming BK last night, in fact, I’m still sick. I had a double cheeseburger and onion rings…I know, tisk, tisk. My job keeps me on the road, and I don’t get time to eat healthy. I don’t eat ‘bad’ all the time, but I crave McDonald’s and BK sometimes (it’s the crack), and it usually ends in despair. How can I break this habit? I’m hoping that my recent bout with gastrointestinal distress (TMI?) is the last straw…

Are any of my readers dietitians or nutritionists? I need some suggestions for CONVENIENT breakfast, lunch and dinner items. I need to be able to eat breakfast and lunch on the go, and dinner needs to be relatively simply and quick to make.

All suggestions are welcome!!!!!