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Kat- A Story of Transition

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

-Were you a long term or short term transitioner?? why??
I actually didn’t really transition at all. Dec. 2007 I had my last relaxer after 2-3 months of no relaxer.My hair was in limbo and I grew tired of the ponytail I found myself wearing everyday. I had a beautiful shoulder length (but slightly damaged) bob when I took the scissors to my head in Feb. 2008. I Big Chopped it off myself to about 1-2 inches, and then went to the barber for him to shave my head bald.

-When did you BC? What was your initial reation to your natural hair?
I BC-ed in mid Feb.2008, on a boring sunday afternoon. I took a scissor to my head in secret in the bathroom. When I came back to my boyfriend in the other room watching tv, he was beyond shocked. I went to the local barber for him to buzz it down to nothing basically. To me, hair grows back, so I wasn’t terribly nervous. I was excited to see my hair in it’s real natural state. I didn’t know it that way. I was excited to wash and go!

-What was your transition routine?
None at all.. I guess I had just grew tired of being a slave to the salon, and stretched out my visits and treatments over a longer period of time. So I guess I transitioned mentally for a few months prior.

-How did you moisturize and treat hair at the new growth line?
I now massage shea butter there. I put the headbands down….that’s a big one for me. I just let it hang freely. The tight headbands are not so good for me to wear everyday.

-Why did you decide to go natural???
I really am into fashion,makeup, and still have never gotten a grasp of my hair. I could never tame it… So I got tired of missing salon appts. b/c of the cost, I could never acheive the basic hair styles myself,my hair was getting damaged..I was wearing a pony everyday and if I was doing that, I might as well chop it off. I wanted to test myself, see how I could manage this on my own. I love OPA’s!! (other people’s afros)..I am so glad I did it… I wish I had done it earlier.

Kat- A Story of Transition

Kat- A Story of Transition Kat- A Story of TransitionKat- A Story of Transition

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