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Curly Nikki

What the Curls Frame…

By January 27th, 20218 Comments

I’ve received many requests to post my skin care routine. This isn’t about naturally curly hair…but it’s just as important! If you’ve taken the time to ensure that your hair is naturally fly, it’s only right that it’s framing a clear and glowing face 😀

Like my hair regimen, my skin care routine is pretty simple. I don’t wear foundation, eye shadow, blush, etc. I stick to lip glosses (from Sephora or Mac) and the occasional eye liner and mascara (usually when I’m going out).

What the Curls Frame...

Since I don’t wear makeup, my cleansing routine is very simplistic. In the evenings, I gently scrub my face with Ponds Exfoliating Clean Sweep Cloths. I love these!!!! They have tiny beads on one side that deep clean pores and a smooth side that wipe away eye makeup. I then scoop up a pea sized amount of shea butter, emulsify it between my hands, and apply it to my face. This is a very minute amount of shea- if held to the light, your palms should have only the slightest sheen.

What the Curls Frame...In the morning, after brushing my teeth, I rinse my face with water, blot dry, apply a teeny bit more shea butter, lip gloss, and I’m out the door 😀

I’m prone to a single HUGE zit, once a month in the center of my chin…you know what I mean! For that, I use Differin Gel (at night on my chin only) the week before and the week after I expect that pimple to appear ;0)
Remember, shea butter firms skin, prevents wrinkles, and helps to regenerate cells. More specifically, it helps reduce premature facial lines, dark spots, marks, minor scars, chapped lips, blemishes & bumps. Shea Butter also helps to maintain moisture & skin softness. It hasn’t clogged my pores one bit. Between the shea and the biotin/msm combo, my skin has been very happy for about 6 months.

Later Gators,



  • KrazyK says:

    Hey Nikki! 😀
    I'm writing because I honestly needed to thank you for posting skin care tips in general, particularly this one. I have been so frustrated with my skin the T-zone areas for years and have never really known how to battle the little blemishes and bumps that have plagued me since puberty : But after reading about your skin care regimen I decided to reopen that bottle of Ambi exfoliating wash I bought a while back and give it another try. And I never really use my shea butter as much anymore, but after reading this I decided to follow up my face washes with it and it's been about 3 or 4 weeks and I've seen a DRASTIC improvement in my skin. Thank you x 10000000! You really do inspire me! Reading your posts and wearing my hair natural has really gotten me to understand the value of patience and persistence.
    You sharing your wonderful experiences has really helped me to work on my self esteem and figure out my own path to being a better person. I am forever grateful for that.

  • Anonymous says:

    i have found your blog via and i must say- you look gorgerous! lovely blog too!!
    my skin routine is quite simple, water, weleda iris moisturizing day cream during winter, iris moisturizer during summer months, two coats of mascara (still looking for the perfect one to make my sparings lashes plush :-)), some lavera lip balm (or aubrey organics lip bam,i got the raspberry with my last order as a christmas gift, it is really nice), brush my eyebrows into place, thats it. foundation is difficult for two raesons: i live in germany and the beauty product palette for black women is really small. i do not want to order make up via internet, i want to test before. and …my skins breaks out from using foundation (rough patches, sometimes pimples, skin acts unruly) so i skip it. the only things that bothers me are my dark undereye circles. i wonder what this msm is…is it a supplement? an answer would be really appreciated…
    one love from germany


  • Kalamari says:

    I do almost the same thing too. I avoid makeup like the plague other than special occasions- just some lipgloss and I’m out the door. Now that I’m starting to end my teenage years my skin is finally calming down but can still be oily. I’ve tried all the acne products: from Proactive to Clean and Clear. However, eventually I just gave up and only used Burt’s Bee’s Lemon Poppyseed Cleanser and a very small amount of shea and jojoba oil mixed on my face and my skin loves it so much. Less really is more!

  • Suburbanbushbabe says:

    I love the Ponds Clean Sweep towelettes, I use at night to remove makeup and cleanse skin. I have 55-year old skin so I definitely use more skin products to form a moisture “cushion” and for sun block,as well as more makeup. Just started using PSF skincare products and love them. And a shout out to Smashbox Photofinish

  • Anonymous says:

    BTW I recently started using liquid african black soap to wash my face and so far I am liking the results. It says on the bottle that it also contains shea and cocoa butters yet my skin is fine with it….
    I personally adore the smell of african black soap, totally yum. And I quite like that of shea butter too.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love me some shea butter but sadly cannot use it on my face, my facial skin is super sensitive and prone to developing rashes or zits at the drop of a hat when it does not like a product. I am disappointed because shea butter has so may amazing benefits, I had a co-worker who swore by it and her skin was smooth, line free and glowing – and she was in her forties! Happily though I can use it pretty much everywhere else – hair, body – and do.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is my routine. I don't wear make-up either. Only lip gloss. Wash my face at night with Neutrogena gentle cleanser or Nubian Heritage shea butter soap. Moisturize with shea. I also do a once a week exfoliation with baking soda & water.

    I also get the once a month pimple on my chin. I swipe it with witch hazel & it is gone in 2 days.

    I think simple is best.

  • Anonymous says:

    I must confess Shea butter on the face does wonder. I’m one who always apply it to my chapped lips.. (ran out of gloss and haven’t purchased new ones) so all in all it worked better then anything else.

    Question, does your face appear darker then before or thats mostly coco butter’s job?

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