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Curly Nikki

Another Way to Salvage an Old Twist-n-Curl

By January 27th, 202110 Comments

Hola Chicas!

About a week ago, I was watching an old episode of Girlfriends (when Joan’s hair was still super curly, and super flyyy). I was in the midst of admiring her gorgeous low ponytail, when I caught a glimpse of the mechanism holding back that thick mane- a mini claw clip! All this time, I thought she was using a ponytail holder!!! I always loved that style on her, but thought that it’d be impossible to approximate, due to the fact that my fine hair looks very small in ponytail holders.

Fast forward to this morning…

I woke up to a frizzy mess of an old Twist-n-Curl. I thought about puffing it, but sometimes those bands give me one hell of a tension headache. I thought back to that episode of Girlfriends, and reached for my trusty claw clip! Viola…instant fix!

All I did was grab the hair up front, and pull it to the back, securing it with the clip. I added a bit of Shea to the front for extra hold. I hope this quick fix can hep you ladies too!

Later Gators,

Another Way to Salvage an Old Twist-n-Curl

Another Way to Salvage an Old Twist-n-Curl


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