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Curly Nikki

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By March 23rd, 202120 Comments


  • Godswill says:

    Hello Nikki,

    I stumbled upon your website and wanted to reach out to say hello.

    I noticed a few areas where I believe we could enhance your online presence. If you’re open to it, I’d love to chat about potentially redesigning your website to better reflect your brand and objectives.

    Looking forward to your thoughts!

    Best regards,

  • Lisa says:

    Hi I am looking for guest post on your website.

  • Denis says:

    My name is denis

    I want to post my article,

    Please tell me about the cost.


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  • Hello Nikki! I love you, your podcast, and your journey. You’ve inspired me to create a more zen life. Please email me your .P.O. Box so I can send you a product/gift inspired by love for meditating and your words. I would love your feedback. Hope to meet you one day when I move back to Tampa. – Love you lots, Ja’Lisa Monique

  • Anonymous says:

    Greetings hun and congrats on the beautiful baba.
    Hmmmmm!!!! where do i start.
    Ive been married for 6yrs now i have a 4yr old daughter and two step children……….now lets get to the point!!!
    When we had our little girl i was unknowledgeable about how to take care of my natural hair and most important looking after my baba's hair. My step childrens mother suggested that i try DAX, now as i didnt know any better and trusted this lady who was a hair stylist i went along with it. Ooooh what a bad mistake as my daughter got craddle cap and her hair fell out, i didnt blame it all on the Dax but i do think it played a part in that process.

    This led me to start researching on Black Natural Hair, Youtube and Blogs like CN helped alot, We are now in the third year and our hair and especially our daughters hair is thriving beautifully. Anywho last night and i would say around the summer months i have been trying to educate this lady who no longer is a hair stylist but is always telling me what to do to my daughters hair. At first i was a bit apprehensive about giving her advice but 3months ago the children came to stay for the summer as they always do, their mother insisted that i use Vasiline on my stepdaughters hair as she is suffering with severe dry scalp. "VASELINE" thats the worst ish you could put on her scalp. I persisted to explain why this product was bad for my stepdaughters scalp but she wasnt having any of it. I've also told her how bad it is to our tresses to comb dry hair that hasn't been moisturise, and i dont mean putting VASELINE or DAX in the hair, we have also told her the routine that i have for myself and my daughter again she is not having an of it.

    Then Last night as the children had stayed over, when their mother came to collect them she started taking about growing her niece's hair by GROOMING it, when i asked what did she mean by grooming she started to talk about moisture, by then i was starting to think OK! this chick is starting to get it. Ok she will not say that i had anything to do with it, but hey my ego wasnt going to get involved lol, i was just glad that she started to talk about moisture.
    Hmmmm! Bwoy how wrong was I lol. Moisture to her was about putting Dax in the hair, grooming was about brushing the hair dry without a single hint of water as water was bad for the hair especially on the hair everyday as she saw it as being NASTY! Then she told me to cut my childs hair as it is to fine, well my childs has hair like me it is not thick but it is in good condition. We have a really good routine with regular Deep Conditions. Then she persisted to tell me that her hands can grow ppls hair. What was she talking about her hands can grow hair. You know the saying the proof is in the pudding while need i say more lol.
    I have not wrote this to bash her in any way, but ignorance always bugs me. I had to learn with info from the internet or have my cousin call me and say CN has this review on such and such product why don't we give it a try.

    I have now decided to stop passing on info that is not wanted. Plus i also wanted CN readers to tell me and be truthful on about what their thoughts are on this subject.


    Take Care of you and your family

    Peace Out xx

  • Anonymous says:

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you recommend Mega Tek

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello Nikki,

    I have a question have you tried products or know of anybody who tried "Hairoine" and seen results of hair growth? Or do you recommend any other products for lady's suffering thinning scalp, baldness, slow growth or any other scalp issues.

    Thank you respectfully,

  • Anonymous says:


    I just found this site and wanted to know if you have any advice for childrens hair.

  • Our Forever Continues... says:

    Hey Nikki,

    Can you tell me the specifics on henna? I saw your pictorial and was wanting to try it. But I’m not sure if you henna for “color” or something else. What brand (of henna) is the better kind? Should I use Indigo Henna to keep my hair black?


  • Anonymous says:

    any suggestions for bedtime hair that dont kill “the romance mood”? LOL… I can have great daytime hair – co-wash and go, but at night it gets all smooshed. If I wrap my hair up too early in the evening – i know i wont be looking very sexy.LOL!

  • PWL Pics says:

    Love your site. I’m an aspiring professional photographer and will do a shoot for you pro bono, so long as you keep my little logo on the pics. (It is small.)
    Check out some of my work here:
    Call me and we can set something up soon.
    Take care,
    Tricia Lynch

  • Anonymous says:

    oh my goodness! I love it!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thought I was on the wrong site for a sec ’cause I was looking at the old site this morning. 🙂 Looking good…love the colors.

  • Twisted Kurlzz says:

    Hey Nikki, the new site looks great

  • Anonymous says:

    I am loving the new look of your website!!!

  • Tia says:

    Do you happen to be on aim as well?

  • Anonymous says:

    you have been TAGGED!

    see my blog for details!

  • Wes says:

    Great idea! You should also join Twitter as well.

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