Hola Chicas!

About a year ago, I noticed a ton of short hairs along the crown and sides of my head. My wash-n-gos became very frizzy and unruly looking, and I was generally not happy with my hair. Immediately, I jumped to the conclusion that I was experiencing breakage…potentially severe breakage. So of course, I jumped online and found some wonderful information on Longhaircommunity.com. Apparently, it is relatively easy to tell the difference between baby hairs (or newly sprouted) and broken hairs. Newly sprouted hairs have smooth ends that often come to a point, while broken hairs have jagged, rough ends. Imagine my delight when I was able to clearly see that I was experiencing an abundance of new growth that would lead to fuller hair in a year or so.

I attributed my baby hairs to henna and supplement intake (multi+msm+biotin). I had been using henna for 5 or 6 months at the time, and I’d been taking my supplements for a couple of months. I think the henna allowed me to grow out hairs that were originally to0 fine or weak to grow before! Whatever the case, my breakage scare turned out to be a wonderful gift! Those hairs are now long enough to blend in with the length, and have doubled my volume. If you’re experiencing a similar situation, don’t fret…your hair could just be growing BIGGER 😀