I continue to receive many emails about how I fluff my hair. In general, the question goes something like this, “Nik, how do you get your hair so full? When I do a Twist-out or Twist-n-Curl, I end up with flat hair with scalp showing. “

Like many of you with fine hair, I start off with a flat, super defined Twist-n-Curl as well…scalp peeking through and everything! The techniques in the Finger Fluffing video I posted are futile unless you remember that ‘less is more’. It’s much easier to manipulate, separate and fluff hair that is NOT stiff and sticky. I try to get by with using as little product as possible. This is not only helpful in the fluffing process, but it’s also easier on my pocketbook! All I can suggest is to experiment a bit. Use less and less product every styling session, until you find the perfect amount (If you use too little, your hair may be too soft or undefined…trial and error). It takes a while to achieve hair utopia, but eventually you’ll find what works for you.

Minimal product=Fluffy hair (leave out the gel, setting lotions and pomades)

Later Gators,