• Use your fingers- Opt for finger detangling before and after the application process. Applying and rinsing is stressful enough on your strands, so be gentle, and use your fingers instead of a comb or denman to detangle, to prevent unnecessary shedding.
  • Use a moisturizing Deep Treatment after rinsing the henna. Avoid products with excessive amounts of protein. For DT ideas, see Products I’m Using Now.
  • When applying the henna, smoosh it through with your gloved hands. Don’t try to rake it through. Manipulate the hair as little as possible.
  • Clean up immediately after the application process to prevent orange streaks on your counter top!
  • Remember, henna isn’t for everyone. Please research thoroughly before embarking on any experimentation. Check out and this article. It is permanent, and can be drying if the proper precautions aren’t taken.
  • Henna doesn’t lighten the hair. I’ve received this question several times over the past few weeks. If your hair is black, henna will add shine and an auburn glow in the sun…that’s it. It can’t lift dark hair. If your hair is medium-light brown, you’ll get auburn results.