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Curly Nikki

Abroniki- A Story of Transition

By January 27th, 20212 Comments

-Were you a long term or short term transitioner, and why?
I was a long term transitioner, I guess I transitioned for 11 months. I wanted to have at least 3 inches of new growth since I was planning to start dreadlocks after I did my Big Chop.

-When did you BC? What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?
I BC’d in July 2006. I was really happy to see my natural hair and also very excited because I couldn’t wait to start my dreadlock journey.

-What was your transition routine? Staple Hair Styles?
During my transition, I would flat twist the front and curl the back where the majority of relaxed ends were. I basically did spiral curls with regular rollers and smaller curls with jheri curl rod curls. I would mix it up depending on how I felt. As my natural hair grew out, I started to go to a natural hair stylist and she would two strand twist my hair and pin it up. Many persons at one time thought I was fully natural when I still in fact had lots of straightened ends, just that they had been twisted up in a style!!!!!!!! I continued to treat my hair every two weeks and wash every week. That was my routine when I was relaxed so I stuck to it.

-How did you moisturize your hair to prevent breakage at the new growth line?
I just continued treating my hair, I used mainly mizani and motions hair products. Can’t remember what they were since that was almost three years ago. I remember it being a motions hair grease and Mizani Treatments like Kerafuse and Hydrafuse.

-Why did you choose to go natural? Are you happy with your decision?
I decided to go natural because I wanted a change, I was tired of having to relax my hair and using the chemicals. I was also excited to see my natural tresses and how they would look as they transformed into dreadlocks. However, I only kept my dreadlocks from August 2006- January 2008. I was so frustrated with the fuzziness and my thin hair roots (this was from re-locking every two weeks) that I sat down one day and started opening the dreadlocks. It took me 5 days. I have not regretted that decision to this day as I am enjoying being able to run my hands through my hair and actually comb it.

Abroniki- A Story of Transition
Abroniki- A Story of Transition
Abroniki- A Story of Transition


  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful story, I’m glad you’re a natural. You look stunning. I want to loc my hair, although I think I’ll wait until I’m 50 and that’s a very long time.

    Good luck with everything. 🙂

  • Natakue says:

    i like the first pic! and i LOVE how round your fro is in the comparison pic…it’s perfect! =D

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