Hola Chicas,

Spa Nik is on and poppin’! I just applied my new Bentonite Mask (thanks to SuburbanBB):

  • Bentonite clay
  • Yogurt
  • Honey
  • Filtered Water

The honey and yogurt added some much needed thickness to my mix. I can’t wait to check out the results! I’m also in the midst of a facial (bentonite and honey). Once I rinse the mask out of my hair, I plan to do a moisturizing DT with Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose and Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment, with heat of course. After that, the fun begins! I’m going to try a Twist-n-Curl with Lustrasilk Shea and Mango! By the way, the Shea and Mango has the exact same ingredients as the Lustrasilk Shea. Weird.

I’ll keep you posted!


Okay, I’m going to do this blow by blow…

2:58 p.m.- I just rinsed my Bentonite Mask. And WOW!!!! My hair is very defined and soft. I think the yogurt (full fat plain yogurt) and honey are keepers! As I stated before, the mix was easier to apply, and it rinsed out just as easily. Yogurt is considered a mild protein treatment, so be sure to do a moisturzing deep treatment afterward, if you decide to experiment. From what I’ve read, yogurt is a great ingredient to add to your conditioners or mud treatments, because it packs a moisture punch, and the lactic acid helps to smooth the hair.

I couldn’t wait to try the Lustrasilk, so after my final rinse, I added a glob to each side of my hair (2 sections) and worked it in. The consistency is perfect- smooth and creamy, not too light, not too heavy. It has a light fragrance, of which I can’t put a finger on right now. It was quite nostalgic dipping into that tub full of orange goop- it’s been at least 3 years since I last used this product. I then applied Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose in sections, Jessicurl WDT to the ends, covered my hair in a plastic cap, and doned my Micro Heat Cap. I’m going to leave this in for about 30 minutes.

I can already tell that the Lustrasilk is going to provide a bit of slip, which is definitely helpful while twisting. It also weighed my waves and curls down a bit, just like my beloved DevaCare One.

For you Bentoniters, definitely try adding honey and yogurt to your hair mask…you will be pleasantly surprised! Adding honey to my face mask proved successful as well. After rinsing, I sealed my wet face with a pea sized amount of Shea Butter. Smooove as a baby’s butt 🙂
I’ll check back in soon!

4:30 p.m.– 3 showers later and I’m finally done! Rinsing out the DT revealed ultra defined, shiny waves and curls. RIDIC! Seriously. I added Lustrasilk to both sections (left and right), and twisted. Prior to rolling, I spritzed Juices and Berries on my ends, and sealed with Naturally Me Body Butter. My hair is very soft, incredibly defined, and feels moisturized. I’m still soaking wet, so it is too soon to judge the performance of the Lustrasilk. I can’t wait until I’m dry. I promise to post pics tomorrow 😀

Off to seek out some food.