Happy almost Friday!!

This is the first time in my entire natural hair journey that my routine and products have remained static. Despite my constantly wandering eye and frequent PJ relapses, the products I listed in this article continue to provide deliciously fabulous hair days. However, please find a few amendments below:


  • DevaCurl Set it Free has been pretty much phased out and replaced by 100% Pure Shea Butter. I was using SIF to set the hair, moisturize, and re-fresh second and third day hair. The Shea Butter de-frizzes, moisturizes and re-freshes better than any commerically processed product. It also holds my curls quite well. Maybe I’ll revisit the Set it Free next summer. I didn’t have any issues with humidity last summer…probably due to SIF.
  • With that said, my most recent Twist-n-Curl with DevaCare One + SheaMoisture Shea Butter Leave-in was fab, and I will continue to use this combo for a while. I love SheaM and always come back to it. I’ll save Jessicurl for deep treatments.
  • I use Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo more often than Giovanni 50/50 only because it’s more readily accessible at my local shops. I enjoyed my baking soda poo this week, so I will definitely be exploring this further,
  • I forgot to include Henna on the original “Products I’m Currently Using” list. I’m still using Jamila, and I do bi-weekly or monthly treatments…depending upon my mood. If my hair is dry, like it was last week (thanks to the KCKT), I post-pone until I get a chance to do a moisturizing DT.
  • My DT’s have consisted of Aubrey Organic Honey Suckle Rose+Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment. I haven’t used Pantene’s Relaxed and Natural DT in a while…no particular reason, just enjoying the above combo. I DT weekly with heat.
  • I switch between Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Generic Paul Mitchell the Detangler to detangle my hair in the shower. For some reason, The Detangler has been treating me better than HH lately. I’ve also been using what I’ve deemed “Momma’s Lil’ Helper”to aid with the super kinks that prolong my detangling sessions. Oyin’s Frank Juice is not leave-in worthy, but is definitely a miracle in the shower. A few squirts of this magic juice and the knots melt away. I’ll review this product soon.

I think that’s it. Again, to review my All Star Line-Up, click HERE.

Later Gators,