Seriously…sometimes I need to back away from my laptop. I’m such a PJ.

While browsing on, I ran across this thread:

Ingredients: Water, Stearamidopropyl, Dimethylamine, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Shea butter, Mango Seed Butter, Cholesterol, Soybean Oil, Safflower Oil,Wheat GermOil, aloe VeraExtract, Fragrance, Vitamin E, Methyl Paraben Propyl Paraben, Phosphoric Acid Sodium Chloride DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Yellow #5, Yellow #6

Apparently, lots of curly divas are using Lustrasilk SheaButter Cholesterol as a leave-in. Yes, the Lustrasilk from the Ethnic Section of Sally’s Beauty Supply! I used this back in the day as a DT, but never thought to leave it in. I don’t know why I stopped using it….maybe I thought it was too cheap to be good, lol. Anyway, curlies are using this as a leave-in, and getting shine, body, and definition. It’s protein and mineral oil free and costs less than 5 dollars. I’m literally going to get dressed and run to Sally’s as soon as I publish this post!

I plan to try this in place of DevaOne this weekend. Have any of you tried it? If you have, or are planning to, please let me know your results! I’d love to have a 3 dollar staple.

Later Gators,