I was chatting with a reader on GMAIL yesterday, and she asked me how I preserve my Twist-n-Curl style at night. Specifically, she wanted to know if I re-twist, and how I moisturize.

At night, I apply a teeny bit of Shea Butter to my ends for extra hold and moisture. I never, ever re-twist.

I found a miracle bonnet at Sally’s about 7 months ago. I couldn’t find the exact image online, but here’s a similar one:

It pretty much looks the same…same woman on the front, only the lining of the cap is satin, and the color is beige. It is very sturdy, and most certainly looks absurd, but it gets the job done. Unlike the flimsier black ones from the ‘other side’ of Sally’s, it really holds my Twist-n-Curl in place. I simply pull my hair into a low pony with one hand, and guide the cap on with the other. In the morning, I wake up, remove the cap, fluff, and GO!

For my Wash-n-Go nightly routine, click HERE.

Later Gators,

P.S. I’m on day 3 hair, and it still looks fab. I think it’s the bentonite clay.