“Hey Nikki! I love your hair and thanks for taking the time out to educate (and entertain) other natural hairlovers. I was wondering if you knew of a good substitute for DevaCare One conditioner that is cheaper for broke college students like me. All of the reviews says it gives good moisture, hold, and curl definition, and I was wondering if there was another product that could do the same for less (or close to the same). I love Giovanni Direct Leave In because of the moisture but the hold and curl definition is not quite there.”

I have yet to try a conditioner that works like my beloved DevaCare One Condition, but I also haven’t been all that adventurous lately. I hear you though…it hurts every time I give Ulta my 19 dollars. But I need it…DevaCare One is my crack! Teri, the gal with the gorgeous curls at biracialhair.org, has a detailed list of ‘cheaper’ conditioners that have a bit of holding power.

Here’s the link: http://www.biracialhair.org/CombingConditioners.aspx

Let me know what you think!!