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Curly Nikki

Honorable Mention

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

This comment came in right under the wire…it moved me, and I wanted to post it:

Thanks Tia!

Hi Curly Nikki,

It is a new year, and with every new year we make resolutions, one of mines was to take better care of my hair. So being the internet junkie that I’ve always been, I came across your blog. A Godsend, I was up all night reading your blog. Curly Nikki, I got a feeling in my soul while on your blog, and I know it was God telling me that this was the right resolution for me, and that is to take better care of my hair and set it free from the relaxer. I really enjoy opening your blog and seeing that beautiful black and white picture of your wavys and curls, it is an ispiration for me and a piece of art that I hope you have framed in your home. Being a Chemist, I love how you give the product reviews including the ingredients and their properties for your hair, and last but not least I love, love, love reading the natural hair journeys of other women. Curly Nikki you have a gift, continue to inspire women to take that journey into the natural, kinky, wavy, curly, coarse world.

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