I’m sure you guys are now familiar with my recent KCKT mishap. The honeymoon is over. My hair felt gummy to the touch yesterday, and after playing in it (something I do ALL day), my fingers were covered in some weird, sticky film. Not sexy. Plus, the extreme frizz worried the hell out of me. Frizz and shrinkage are what happens when the hair is thirsty and looks to the atmosphere to quench its thirst.

Since I had just done my hair the night before, I was hesitant to do it again so soon but I didn’t have much of a choice. I used Motown Girl’s Baking Soda Clarifying Rinse (review to come!) to cleanse my strands. There was no need to detangle again, so I shampoo’ed with baking soda, and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed some more. My hair still felt slick..like I had conditioner in it. I was torn- on one hand, I knew that the KCKT was still slightly present because my hair was SUPER slippery (and felt like butter!), but I was also afraid of the mess I might have on my hands the next day if not rinsed completely. Build-up? Maybe. I don’t know, but I didn’t want to whip out the shampoo. I gave up, got out of the shower and applied a generous amount of DevaCare One C and SheaMoisture Shea Butter Leave-in to each section prior to doing a TnC. The end result is below.

Despite the raging monsoon outside, my hair held up quite well today. It was a little frizzier than usual, but the good kind. I still need to poo (haha), but I think I’ll let the henna handle it later this week. DevaCare One never fails me.

Word to the wise- If it ain’t broke…

Same side as bad hair day pic

hmmm…I wonder which product will try to steal my heart next? 😉

Later Gators,