Sweet Almond oil (SAO) is produced from sweet almonds or Prunus amygdalus. SAO, used as a carrier oil for blending essential oils, is beneficial for the skin, hair, and has overall health advantages as well. It can be used as an effective massage oil, and many use it to treat under eye bags, and eczema. For hair, moisten your fingertips with several drops of almond oil and gently massage the scalp. A comforting regimen, treating the scalp and hair to sweet almond oil, benefits follicles, prevents hair loss, provides shine and strengthens hair. It can also be used as a hot oil treatment. Eating raw almonds also has many benefits- it aids in digestion, keeps the brain healthy, reduces cholestrol and provides a healthy source of fat and protein.

SAO does not penetrate as deeply as other oils (i.e. EVOO, Coconut Oil), and shouldn’t be used to ‘moisturize’ the hair. I use SAO the same way I use Shea Butter- as a sealant. I apply my water based leave-in or moisturizer and seal the wet, moisturized hair, with a very thin layer of the oil.

I have yet to try it on my scalp, but I’m very interested. I’m thinking of incorporating SAO into my weekly Deep Treatment, applying Jessicurl WDT+Aubrey ORganics Honey Suckle Rose, and finally SAO on top. I’ll let you know what I think!


  • Nourishes hair and smoothes hair cuticles
  • Makes hair long, strong and thick
  • Massaging with almond oil adds shine to the hair
  • Controls hair fall


I’d be curious to know if any of you have used SAO as a natural remedy to lighten under-eye circles. I have a family member that is interested in trying this, and reading your reviews may encourage her!