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Curly Nikki

Yet Another Measure of Porosity

By January 27th, 20213 Comments
I’m sure you remember the Sink or Swim test of Porosity. If not, check it out! Last night, while browsing through the forums on, I came across a wonderful thread chock full of healthy strand info, and a different test of porosity! But first, a quick reminder about what porosity actually is:

Low Porosity
Low porosity is when the cuticle of the hair shaft is too compact and does not permit moisture to enter or leave the hair shaft. Hair with low porosity has a tendency to repel product rather than absorb it.
Normal Porosity
With normal porosity, the cuticle is compact and inhibits moisture from leaving or entering the hair shaft.
High Porosity
Hair with high porosity, also known as “overly porous” hair, has an open cuticle that both absorbs and releases moisture easily.

To determine your own hair’s porosity, grasp a hair strand firmly between your fingers. Slide the thumb and index finger of your other hand from end to scalp (opposite direction as for texture test). If your fingers “catch” going up the strand, or feel like they are ruffling up the hair strand, your hair is overly porous. If it is smooth, you have normal porosity. If your fingers move very fast up the hair strand and it feels exceptionally slick, you have low porosity.

So what happens if you’re overly porous? The expert, Struttswife, recommends the following:

‘Finishing products can sometimes be helpful in helping to keep moisture retained within the hair shaft on a temporary basis, but your best bet is to fill in those gaps if possible with a reconstructor.’

I think I have high porosity issues, especially on the last 3-4 inches or so. I can definitely feel something bumpy or ruffely (is that a word?). My ‘newer’ growth (the first 8-10 inches or so) is much happier. What about you?

It’s weird because I’ve actually been thinking of doing a light protein treatment lately. I’m all about balance, despite my protein sensitivity. Last weekend, on a PJ frenzy, I purchased Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner- a protein conditioner containing Glycoproteins which claims to strengthen hair fiber, repair damage from salon treatments and restore softness, manageability and shine…all while being 100% natural, and devoid of Wheat Protein, my arch nemesis. I still have highlights on my ends…which is ridiculous. My virgin ends are fine, but my colored ends are fragile. I’ll probably do a mini protein treatment (ends only), and follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. As always, I’ll keep you posted!

Later Gators,


  • Anonymous says:

    Tiffany is an awesome stylist!!!! I went to her last week while in the Tampa area on business. She get my mind right!!!! I got home and threw away so much junk. I thought I had my hair figured out, but when she was done with me, my curls were bigger and more defined. I have used the stuff she taught me and everybody has noticed a difference. This chick knows her stuff…and works with all types and textures!!!!!

  • Gigi says:

    I heard a loud snap. YAY!

  • Anonymous says:

    With the protein issues…couldn’t Henna replace the protein….deep conditioner since it strengthens the hair…protein attached itself to the hair which makes it stronger…and the henna does the same(and other benefits) right…so instead of using a protein conditioner can’t I just use Jamila Henna to strengthen hair fiber, repair damage from salon treatments and restore softness, manageability and shine? instead of a protein conditioner?


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