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The Best Way to Squash a Rumor…

By January 27th, 20212 Comments

is with accurate information from a reliable source! There’s been gossip circling the rumor mill about Kinky-Curly going out of business. So, I contacted Kinky-Curly directly, and as I suspected, the rumor on the hair boards simply isn’t true. Here is what she said:

As long as customers keep buying Kinky-Curly, we will keep making it. No, we are not going out of business. The reason the Curling Custard is out of stock is because of a manufacturing error on the last batch. I am very particular about my products and if my lab does not make my product the way I want it, then they have to do it over again. All of our products should be back in stock next week. I apologize for not being more clear and posting something on the website.

It would be in poor taste for me to discuss details about the legal matter between Hair Rules and Kinky-Curly. This legal matter has nothing to do whatsoever with my products being out of stock or for a store owner starting a bad rumor that we were going out of business. If there are differences between two companies certain steps have to be taken and there are times when legal paperwork must be filed. Anthony Dickey is very funny, down to earth and most of all very passionate about curly hair. He and Kristy Engels have been nothing but professional as we’ve worked this out.

Thank you for all the love. With all the frustration of lost packages, out of stock ingredients and label misprints to know that I have customers that like my products truly makes it all worth it.

-Shelley Davis


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