Happy Thursday Chicas!

Today marks the beginning of my weekend, and I couldn’t be happier!!!! Last night, I conditioned and re-set my hair. I used Lustrasilk Shea+ Oyin Juices and Berries + Naturally Me Body Butter…and lo and behold, it wasn’t a fluke…this is truly a winning team!

My hair is moisturized, defined, and about as frizz free as it’ll ever be. If you’re sleeping on this one or trying to fight that inner PJ, get up, and take your butt to Sally’s! I’m impressed, and I’m LOVING the price. I mean seriously, when are you ever going to buy a 16oz jar of anything for 2.89…seriously?!

But we must not forget the greatness that is Oyin—Juices and Berries is putting in some work! For some reason, (and it may be the aloe) the J&B is acting like a light (and delicious smelling) setting lotion. My curls are bouncier and last a bit longer than before. Whatever it is, I’m loving it, and Oyin will now be a mainstay in my routine. I’m planning to switch between the DevaCare One Condition and Lustrasilk periodically…I finally have 2 staple conditioner stylers!!!! Now, my prayer is that I’ll have just as much luck with this new routine in the summer…which is quickly approaching 🙂

If you have pictures of your Lustrasilk or Oyin experiences, please submit them, with a quick explanation and review to [email protected]!