CurlyTrini henna’ed! Here’s her email review:
I think I’m falling deeper in love with my hair!!!! Henna where have you been all my life and can we get married and grow old together!!!!
I LOVE it! First of all the color is awesome! It’s not to bright at all…it’s rich and a welcomed change. The only thing that I have noticed right away is my hair is sooo much softer and it has a light, fluffy feel to it which I have never experienced before. When my hair is wet it hangs longer and I noticed my curl pattern seemed looser but I didn’t do a wash and go so I can’t be sure. I am going to do this every week for the next month and then I will lay off and do it once a month and maybe throw in a cassia every now and then. Now I want to see the effects of my hair getting bigger and longer. I am excited for the future…lol!

Thanks for holding my hand along the way…I wouldn’t of been able to do it without your advice and of course your blog.