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Curly Nikki

It’s in the Water…

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

JC, our resident chemist’s special report on water:

It's in the Water...
Shower filters are mainly used to remove chlorine from water but can also be used to remove heavy metals and the salts that cause hard water. So why remove chlorine? It has been linked to changing protein structures (such as hair) and stripping oil (from skin and hair). Chlorine is the gold standard disinfectant and without which, we would more than likely have water with all kinds of bacteria and parasites.

As a guide, pick a brand that lists it claims with testing (for example 99% chlorine removal tested by xyz). Also pick a brand that gives you a guide as to how long you can use the filter effectively (9 -12 months usually).

There are many reports of people stating that their hair and skin conditioned improved instantaneously after using a shower filter. I don’t however think that shower filters are the answer to instantly moisturised skin and hair. If your skin and hair was dry before using a shower filter and is still dry afterwards, then you need to look to other answers.

These can include at the first level diet and exercise and then at the next level daily care. Try changing your conditioner, porosity treatments and moisturising oils. I would also let you know that having long hot showers is not recommended for your skin or hair. Hot water opens up the hair cuticle allowing moisture in but if the cuticle is not closed back down then this same moisture is driven back out (dry hair!). Ideally with washing your hair, you should use tepid water (just warm to the touch). Also consider if your hair needs frequent protein conditioning. With natural hair, if you are not colouring or heat treating, you could reduce the frequency of protein conditioning. If you feel your hair is quite hard after washing, it could be excess protein.

As for the rotten eggs smell (hydrogen sulphide) it is most likely caused by a blocked or partially blocked pipe (Does the water take some time to drain?). This could happen if you have hair trapped in the pipes causing everything else that you try to drain down to get caught. If you don’t already have one, get a filter to catch your hair and avoid it getting down the drain. You can also try some home solutions to fix the problem like bleach or buy a drain unblocker. I feel that I should add a disclaimer that I’m not a plumber so you may want to get one to look at it for proper advise!

This site compares 3 popular brands, side by side:

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