Well, it’s day 3, and so far I’ve managed to stave off the frizzies! I also got rid of the sour milk smell that was resonating from the back of my head- a couple of squirts of Frank Juice, and VIOLA! Thanks Empressri :0)

I wanted to take this time to elaborate a bit on my night time routine, and how I manage to maintain this style for 4-5 days.

Every night since Saturday (the evening that I actually did the set), I’ve applied Naturally Me Body Butter to my ends. I’m very meticulous with this- applying a teeny bit to the end of each individual curl. This slow but effective application process helps with frizz, curl formation, and helps to keep the ends lubricated. I simply scoop out a pea sized amount, emulsify it in my palm, and use my fingertips as distribution tools. If my ends are particularly dry (which is usually not the case), I’ll spray a bit of Frank Juice onto my fingers and apply that to each end, prior to applying the butter. Keeping the ends happy is KEY. If my ends dry out and become brittle, no matter how good the set looks, I have to re-wet it, and start over. Sealing and lubricating are essential! After my ends are taken care of, I scoop out a pea sized amount of 100% pure Shea butter, or Naturally Me Body Butter, and apply to each side of my hair- this smooths the halo frizz. I’ve tried this step with JC Nourish and Shine, and I end up with frizzy, piece-y curls the next day. Apparently, this step requires a thicker, pomade type product to do the job- oily products will only defeat the purpose by breaking the curls apart. Finally, I don the stain bonnet and hit the sack.

Usually by day 3 or 4, my hair begins to shrink up a bit during the night. I’ve been counteracting this process with duck bill clips. I’ve done this twice now with great success! I put the clips on after smoothing the halo frizz with my butter of choice. I then put on the bonnet, and retire for the evening. I’m not sure if the clips will be mainstays in my routine- they hurt like the dickens!

Lustrasilk Hair Day 3, to see Day 1, click HERE.