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Curly Nikki

Lustrasilk Shea Butter & Mango- Day 3 Hair

By January 27th, 202119 Comments

Well, it’s day 3, and so far I’ve managed to stave off the frizzies! I also got rid of the sour milk smell that was resonating from the back of my head- a couple of squirts of Frank Juice, and VIOLA! Thanks Empressri :0)

I wanted to take this time to elaborate a bit on my night time routine, and how I manage to maintain this style for 4-5 days.

Lustrasilk Shea Butter & Mango- Day 3 HairEvery night since Saturday (the evening that I actually did the set), I’ve applied Naturally Me Body Butter to my ends. I’m very meticulous with this- applying a teeny bit to the end of each individual curl. This slow but effective application process helps with frizz, curl formation, and helps to keep the ends lubricated. I simply scoop out a pea sized amount, emulsify it in my palm, and use my fingertips as distribution tools. If my ends are particularly dry (which is usually not the case), I’ll spray a bit of Frank Juice onto my fingers and apply that to each end, prior to applying the butter. Keeping the ends happy is KEY. If my ends dry out and become brittle, no matter how good the set looks, I have to re-wet it, and start over. Sealing and lubricating are essential! After my ends are taken care of, I scoop out a pea sized amount of 100% pure Shea butter, or Naturally Me Body Butter, and apply to each side of my hair- this smooths the halo frizz. I’ve tried this step with JC Nourish and Shine, and I end up with frizzy, piece-y curls the next day. Apparently, this step requires a thicker, pomade type product to do the job- oily products will only defeat the purpose by breaking the curls apart. Finally, I don the stain bonnet and hit the sack.
Lustrasilk Shea Butter & Mango- Day 3 Hair
Usually by day 3 or 4, my hair begins to shrink up a bit during the night. I’ve been counteracting this process with duck bill clips. I’ve done this twice now with great success! I put the clips on after smoothing the halo frizz with my butter of choice. I then put on the bonnet, and retire for the evening. I’m not sure if the clips will be mainstays in my routine- they hurt like the dickens!

Lustrasilk Hair Day 3, to see Day 1, click HERE.

Lustrasilk Shea Butter & Mango- Day 3 HairLustrasilk Shea Butter & Mango- Day 3 HairLustrasilk Shea Butter & Mango- Day 3 Hair


  • EmpressRi says:

    Told ya! Those juices are the best! After dancing with the BK bohos I come home smelling like all sorts of things, and that juice gets rid of it like pow!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Gia, I ordered mine from Sally’s website but only because I was ordering other stuff as well. They sell this product (Lustrasilk) in most Wal-Marts too. If you go on their site you can punch in your zipcode and they’ll let you know which stores carry the product :-) I found out AFTER I ordered it that they sell it in my local Wal-Mart but I’ll know better next time lol

    Because of the great results with CN’s hair I am curious about the body butter as well

  • Zizi says:

    Thanks Nik I will try this the next time i do a twist and curl. I’ve had enough of plaiting my hair everynight! Also quick question. do u think i can substitute the lustrasilk with le klair cholesterol. I have 2 tubs of the stuff and am not allowed to buy anything else until there don. (I have to be strict with my self, gotta curb the PJism!)

  • Unknown says:

    wow, you have a lot of patience–don’t know if i could do it! haha, but looks good. maybe i should give me curls some lovin too

  • Unknown says:

    i can’t believe your curls lasted so long…wow! beautiful! I’ve been combing our BSS looking for this product but I only see the other ‘flavors’ which have mineral oil in them. I’m still on the hunt though!

  • Serita says:

    Hey Nik,
    I just had to tell you your hair is RIDICULOUSLY gawgeous!!! Love it, love it, love it!!!

  • Wes says:

    Nik- I’ve tried the bonnet, but that kinda made things worst for me. I usually pile my hair in a high ponytail on top of my head and secure with an “ouchless” band loosely- This usually works best for me.
    Aside from the clips, do you use anything else besides the bonnet to keep your hair tame at night? Or do you just put the bonnet over your hair and the clips and call it a night? lol

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I’ll probably re-do it tonight (feb.4) if I feel like it…depends on how late I get in.

    Monet, my hair is naturally very dark. In 06 I got auburn highlights, which ended up going brassy on me- hence the brown. My ends are red in most lighting thanks to the henna, but the rest looks black indoors, and auburn-y outdoors. No brown…maybe its just the lighting?

    Thanks ladies!

  • Anonymous says:

    Is the color change from brown to black because of henna?

    It’s pretty cool, like your hair might have a brown or reddish tint that comes out differently in different light.

  • Natakue says:

    skylark, what nikki explained is basically it. do you remember those old school 80’s ponytails that girls used to wear right on top of their head, kinda like this: people with longer hair can use a ponytail holder/scrunchie to do this, but since my hair is short, i use 4 of the big bobby pins to loosely pin my hair into this general pineapple-y style to go to bed. i wrap this with a satin scarf. i’ll take a pic one day and post it in my fotki. next update ;-) this method helps to preserve your curls from getting smushed when you sleep.

  • Lala says:

    beautiful hair!!must try that product!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Still looking good!! How long will you keep it b4 you redo?

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Natakue, I think you may be on to something because those clips are not working. Each time I’ve tried them, I end up taking out one (on the side that I sleep) before morning!

    Nik, thank you!!! Yes, try it! Even if you hate it, you’re only out of 2.89…plus, it’s Sallys, you can always return it!

    Skylark, thank you! As far as the pineapple…we’ll have to hope that Natakue comes back to explain. I know that its a way to preserve your curls…I think by piling them on top of your head. Not sure…

    Thanks Olivia!

    Wes, what are you doing with your hair at night?

  • AlongCameStacey says:

    It looks great! I’m still trying to determine what products to use once this transitioning in braids period is over. I’m all over this Lustrasilk now though. Wow!

  • Wes says:

    Ok I’m obviously doing something wrong if your hair looks this great after 3 days!!!! After day 1 the frizz factor is ridiculous :-(

  • Anonymous says:

    lovely hair and thank you for featuring me on your blog.


  • Tracy says:

    Your hair in unbelievable! I’m just amazed at how your hair looks. It’s beautiful.

    By the way, what is the pineapple?

  • Anonymous says:

    I am sooo in love with your hair! It is absolutely gorgeous! I reeeeealllyyy want to try the Lustrasilk now…good ingredients, and for 2.89 you really can’t beat it!

  • Natakue says:

    looking good, lady! and yay for the explanation! i saw the pic of the duckbill clips before i read the paragraph and thought, is she sleeping with those in because it seems it would be uncomfortable…and then i read what you wrote and saw indeed it was. how about using the really long bobby pins, like the ones people use when setting their hair on those smooth/magnetic rollers. i use those to pineapple my hair at night and they don’t hurt at all, but they keep my hair elongated and relatively un-smushed.

    btw, you really make me miss my longer hair…sigh =P

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