Mytia graciously shared her results with us! Check it out:

I did a twist out with Lustrasilk Mango out this weekend. I washed and did a DT with AOHSR, rinsed and used Lustrasilk Mango and Unrefined Shea Butter to seal my ends. I really like the results. I have been wearing it since Saturday and it was held up pretty good; it is a little bigger than it was on day one, but I don’t mind that. I have been using the Cantu Shea for my twist outs but the Lustrasilk is cheaper (and every nickel counts in this recession ;->). Another thing I like about Lustrasilk vs Cantu is the LS goes on clear for the most part, the Cantu goes on white so you have make sure you have no clumps or they will show when it dries. I twisted all the way to the end and did not use rollers because I am lazy. Thanks again for this tip. Here are my comparison pix (Cantu pix are on top row).