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Curly Nikki

Lustrasilk vs. Cantu Shea Butter

By January 27th, 202111 Comments

Mytia graciously shared her results with us! Check it out:

I did a twist out with Lustrasilk Mango out this weekend. I washed and did a DT with AOHSR, rinsed and used Lustrasilk Mango and Unrefined Shea Butter to seal my ends. I really like the results. I have been wearing it since Saturday and it was held up pretty good; it is a little bigger than it was on day one, but I don’t mind that. I have been using the Cantu Shea for my twist outs but the Lustrasilk is cheaper (and every nickel counts in this recession ;->). Another thing I like about Lustrasilk vs Cantu is the LS goes on clear for the most part, the Cantu goes on white so you have make sure you have no clumps or they will show when it dries. I twisted all the way to the end and did not use rollers because I am lazy. Thanks again for this tip. Here are my comparison pix (Cantu pix are on top row).

Lustrasilk vs. Cantu Shea Butter


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  • Anonymous says:

    i got mine at walmart for 1.50 work great i got 3 tubs

  • Anonymous says:

    I went out and bought 4 bottles of Lustrasilk the other day. They were on sale for $1.99 each!

  • Maria says:

    First off – your hair is beautiful! I especially love the pictures on the bottom. I’ve never heard of Lustrasilk Mango but I guess I’ll be on the lookout now. I haven’t used Cantu in about 2 years. I didn’t mind it, but it sometimes gave me “hairboogers” if blended with the wrong gel. Thanks for the pictures and sharing with us!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous hair! I wanted to ask – what is your hair texture like? Is it more of a smooth texture? I’m asking because my twist-outs aren’t coming out as smooth. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong when I do my twists or is it just because my hair is more spongy. I use the Cantu Shea right now, but when I run out, I’m going to get the LS.

  • Unknown says:

    beautiful hair and I can barely tell the diff between both products although the top row does have a touch more shine…

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    I’ve tried the AOHSR once as a leave-in and it left a filmy coating on my strands. AO mandarin would probably be awesome!

  • MrsJones says:

    Sadly – I will have buy LS on line. I can’t find it anywhere!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Curly Nikki. I would love to try the deva care and jessicurl wdt, but for the moment I only use organic products in my hair(The AO HAir line. Is it okay to use the AOHSR for my leave in for my twist and curl, or should I just use the AO Magic Mandrin jelly or both.

  • Anonymous says:

    I use Cantu as well, I actually think it has a weird odor. But I don’t want to run out and buy something else! I will try the Lustrasilk next month. I think your hair looks less piece and more defined in the bottom pics. But it looks fuller in the top row.

  • Anonymous says:

    wow both seem to have given you great results, the top picture your hair looks shiner, where as the bottom picture you seem to have more length and a lil more bounce. Beautiful.

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