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Curly Nikki

Meet JC!

By January 27th, 20216 Comments

As most of you now know, we have a scientist in our midst! JC has been popping her head in answering all of our burning, science related questions. Her responses are always eloquent, straightforward and worded in a way that makes it possible for each and everyone of us to comprehend. Her expertise is TRULY appreciated! So who is JC you ask? Here’s her story:

I was born and raised in Kenya where red sunsets and mangoes are the norm. My education led me to university in England and it is here that I developed my passion for research and endless cups of tea to beat the cold. My exact field is medical materials science. This means I look at how materials (solid, liquid and everything in between) interact with the human body. I met and married my very lovely husband during my doctorate degree and he is the true chemist by training. Luckily he is a true geek and loves looking up chemical structures so there’s no arm twisting to get him to help me.

My foray into all things hair came from a relaxer/colour mishap when I was 19 or 20. After two weeks, my hair came off in clumps. I was actually not upset and was insteady curious to know my hair had broken off (Yes I know, I’m strange). I had never until this point bothered to know what I was putting in my hair or why. A journey of discovery followed, first learning how exactly relaxers work, then resolving not to use them and finally discovering ways to take care of my hair. I was well acquainted with many of the ingredients in hair products having used them in my own research, I just had never thought about transferring my knowledge from the lab.

I have been natural now for 6 years though I only began to really care for my hair within the last two. As most naturals do, I joined a few hair forums, listened, learned, watched some arguments, got bored and left. Next, I found fotki and the multitude of women with beautiful hair and styles which in the end led me to the blogging world. I do really think that it is a mark of the future that so many women don’t just use products but want to know what is in them too. I am more than happy to do any research related to hair, so feel free to ask anything, anything at all! I can’t always give you an exact answer but I will definitely try and shed some light on it for you.

If you’d like to pose a question to JC, send it to me at Please use ‘JC’ as the subject line. Every week, I’ll select one question and submit it to her- JC’s responses can be found under the category ‘Hair Tips’.


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