When Leslie strutted her fly self into that restaurant on Saturday night, my draw dropped! When I think of protective styles, I think of the same boring old buns, rolls, or twists. Her twist-out updo is fabulous! I think another curly at dinner called it ‘classic’ or ‘timeless’. Leslie was sweet enough to provide us with instructions so we can be like her:

So here is what I did for my twist-out updo hairstyle:

1. First I parted my hair down the middle from forehead to crown. I two strand twisted my whole head when wet using Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening cream. I sat under my hooded dryer for about an hour.
2. After it was dry I untwisted my hair, only separating the twists into twos.
3. I took the hair from the right side (my right) of my part in the front and stretched it over the hair on the left side of my part. I took the hair on the left side and overlapped it over the hair from the right side and pinned it using a bobby pin.
4. I took all the hair from the left side (from the top left front to my ear) and rolled it on itself (away from my ear and towards the center of my head) then pinned it from the inside of the roll to my roots near my scalp.
5. I took the right section (not below my ear) and rolled it on itself and pinned it with a bobby pin.
6. I took the bottom left section (from below my ear to the the nape of my neck) and rolled it on itself. I tried to pin it so it covered where I pinned the upper section.
7. I pinned the bottom left section in the same way as the bottom right.
8. I tried to pin down any loose ends that were sticking out by tucking them into pieces that were already pinned down. Any section that looked too poofy I just tucked in a bobby pin.

So…that’s it! It’s pretty simple, just roll and pin! I think I used 13 bobby pins in all, sometimes I use more and sometimes I use less. It never comes out the same way twice so it is by no means perfected. But it’s a great protective style and usually looks pretty nice. I have worn it to work and to church and have gotten tons of compliments both times. If anyone has questions they can email me.

For more of Leslie, check out her blog at http://www.naturallyleslie.blogspot.com/