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Curly Nikki

Public Service Announcement

By January 27th, 20216 Comments
What, or better yet who the hell smells like sour milk?!

Me. Somehow, during my poor excuse of a rinsing session after my clay/yogurt treatment on Saturday, I managed to miss a small patch in the back of my head. It feels a little gritty back there, but the worse part is that it smells like yogurt, or worse, sour milk! So, this is simply a Public Service Announcement: Please thoroughly rinse your heads after a clay/yogurt treatment. Clay remnants can be drying, and the yogurt just smells gross!

Hubby can’t smell it, but I definitely can…every time I whip my head around. It’s driving me nuts, but my hair still looks good, so I’m not ready to re-style. Imagine me on Sunday…trying to figure out what went sour, and finally coming to the realization that the rancid smell was coming from my head! Ick!

Haha, learn from my mistakes :)

Later Gators,


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