Those of you that know me, know that I NEVER work on Friday. It’s my ‘maintain the sanity’ day, so that I’m better positioned to help my client’s maintain theirs!

Instead of lounging around this morning, I got up and hit the streets. I was running dangerously low on DevaCare One Condition, DevaCurl Set it Free, and cheapie conditioner. I also ran out of vitamins over a week ago. It was way past time to re-up.

In other, loosely related news, I’ve received LOTS of emails requesting that I do reviews of the cheaper, store brand hennas. I’ve always been curious, but I generally don’t stray from what works. However, this mop of mine is getting bigger by the day, and its taking more and more henna to do a single treatment. 200g of henna, or 1 treatment, costs about 14 dollars before shipping. Craziness. I’m hoping to cut my beloved Jamila with one of these cheaper Indian grocery brands. I picked up two today- both are 100% henna, and claim to be body art quality. They both cost a mere 1.99 per 100g. SAWEET! My next henna treatment will consist of one box of the good stuff, and one box of the cheapie. I’ll keep you gorgeous gals posted.

Later Gators,

Day 3 hair…I think. I’ve been sleeping with it out, and so far so good. I haven’t worn my bonnet in more than 2 weeks! I actually posted this pic because you can see a hint of henna red on my ends- the ends that were once highlighted brown.

Re-upped Stash- I purchased the Deva stuff, and Aussie from Ulta. I received that bottle of Mister Right for free! I’ll definitely be giving it away, so stay tuned :0) I purchased the henna from the Indian grocery, and the vitamins from Trader Joe’s.

1.99/100g henna that I’m planning to try (2 diff. brands)

p.s. While at Trader Joe’s I purchased Fage Low Fat Plain Yogurt (I’m a follower of the gorgeous Suburbanbushabe..can you tell), and edamame beans. About once every few months I get on a health kick. We’ll see how long this one lasts.

Question- how the hell do you eat, and enjoy plain yogurt?!

I’m definitely impressed by the edamame beans! Health nuts chime in- are soy products good for you? I’d like to incorporate this legume into my diet, but not at the risk of my health. I’ve heard that soy prevents cancer, but I’ve also heard that it may promote it…