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Curly Nikki

Spiral’s Henna Journey!

By January 27th, 202119 Comments

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the beautiful Spiral, she’s my partner in crime on the infamous Naturally Curly 4a sticky- Experiences with Henna. This thread is a wealth of info…if you have the patience to get through it! Her hair is stunning, both pre and post henna. Check out the email interview she completed for

CN: What were your reasons for experimenting with henna?
Spiral: Before I found out about henna, I was looking to solve a couple of hair issues. I felt like my strands were too fine and I wanted to thicken and strengthen them. But I wasn’t satisfied with the ingredients in the commercial products I was looking at, or the fact that the effects only lasted until the next wash. I also wanted to deepen my hair color, which naturally ranges from dark to tawny brown sprinkled with blond highlights, and I felt it looked dusty at times. So, when I found out about henna and the Henna For Hair forum, I started doing a ton of research. I read the free Ebook and searched the forum for posts that addressed my questions and posted more questions. When I was reasonably sure it wouldn’t hurt my hair, I decided to go ahead and try it. I started off conservatively with a section test, and then a gloss (henna lite with conditioner). When that went okay, I did a full on henna. I was really pleased with the results, and it just got better with every treatment.

CN: How often do you henna and what is your routine? What’s your routine, and fav mix?
Spiral:I do a full henna each month with a gloss in between.

The full henna is just your standard henna – I use 200-250 grams of powder. I like experimenting with different mixes – I’ve tried apple cider vinegar, tea, and orange juice as dye releasers. And I’ve tried honey, flaxseed gel, and plain water as my post-dye-release mixers. So far I think my favorite combo for a full henna is diluted orange juice and honey. I’ve also started experimenting with adding spices for scent. It works, but I found rinsing the spices quite a challenge, so I have to tweak my approach. I’ll post the details of that experiment in the NC henna thread. The gloss involves mixing a smaller amount of henna with cone-free conditioner – I’ve been using VO5 Pomegranate Strengthening Conditioner. I mix the conditioner into either freshly dye-released or thawed frozen henna, adding enough conditioner to make a mousse.

I usually detangle with conditioner (no use wasting henna on shed hair) and then clarify my hair before applying henna, especially if I’ve used a product with cones. This gives the henna a clean slate and ensures that nothing interferes with dye uptake or bonding. Using duckbill clips, I pin my hair up, take down small sections, mash some henna on the roots and scalp (it has a nice cooling sensation), then apply more down the length. I apply it pretty thick. Then I take down the next section, do the same thing, add it to the other section, and so on.

CN: List your favorite effects or benefits:
Spiral: Henna is like the most effective deep conditioner I’ve ever used. It makes my hair incredibly soft and shiny, thickens my hair and makes it stronger. The very front of my hair is especially fragile for some reason and had real difficulty growing. But since using henna, that section has really started to retain length. Henna also reduces shrinkage and drying time, which isn’t an effect I expected, but it’s fine with me. Henna also makes my hair more responsive to styling products – it seems to make them more effective. And the color really shows up on my hair. I stopped using henna for almost a year, and the only way you could tell was the difference in color on the new growth – burgundy vs brown. And even though I think the difference was pretty subtle, when I started using henna again this winter, everyone was like “Oh wow, you dyed your hair!”.

CN: Advice for curlies thinking about taking the plunge?
Spiral: My advice is to read, read, read before taking the plunge. Read the free Ebook, read the forums, and read all the different experiences people have with it. Ask lots of questions – henna is permanent, so it’s better to find out what you want to know before you do it. No two heads are exactly alike, but it will help to give you an idea of what you can expect. There are other herbs like amla and cassia that you can mix with henna to get different effects, so read about those too. Then start deciding what kind of mix you might want to try. When it’s time to buy the henna get the good stuff – Body Art Quality henna from wherever you can find it. Make sure it’s just the pure powdered plant with no additional ingredients.

Spiral's Henna Journey!

Spiral's Henna Journey!Color difference after several hennas

Spiral's Henna Journey!


  • Anonymous says:

    Shelley has a question please. Just wanting to know what products you used to define your curls after the henna. I'm a newbie and fixing to try henna + indigo once a month for the next three months. The problem is I was told I can never use any products on my hair because it strips the henna and keeps it from working. I cannot go without something on my hair. It looks like I have stuck my finger in a light socket. I have biracial hair and needing to get it healthy again. But want to be able to use products to define my curls not lose them and end up with unmanageable hair. Please help.

  • Afrolicious says:

    That's interesting how it made spirals hair so red but curlynikki it made her hair look so dark? I'm assuming it's the orange juice that giver spiral her hair colour?

  • Anonymous says:

    you can avoid the hair turning red if you use indigo to keep it black. That’s what I plan to do

  • Anonymous says:

    wow…I’d love to know her routine!

  • nappymuslim says:

    Were can i find body art henna?

  • NowIamNappy says:

    I love henna as well, I try to henna at least once every 6 weeks, the color change is very noticeable but I absolutely love it and my hair has never felt stronger.

  • Anonymous says:


    I love henna, I’m doing it every 2 weeks or maybe once a month I’ll see.

    Does this lady have a fotki?

    Thanks Nikki

  • fromthegroundup says:

    I am on page 23 of 100+ on that thread and it’s 11:30 pm cst. I gots to go to bed! lol But really thanks for oodles upon oodles of info! I’m hitting up my local indian stores tomorrow for some henna…I hope (fingers crossed). I’m still transitioning and have mostly relaxed hair is it okay to use on relaxed hair?

  • Rebecca V. O'Neal says:


    my hair looks EXACTLY like yours in 2004! I love when I find texture twins lol.

    I cut all the color off a year ago and only had like 3 inches of hair Nov 07 and now 15 months later, my hair is about an inch above my armpit when straightened.

    I can’t WAIT until my hair grows out more. I’ll definitely try henna when it gets a little longer.

    You hair is GAWJUS! lol

  • hairepy says:

    Do you get the same effect from a regular henna or from a henna gloss?

  • Suburbanbushbabe says:

    Looking at Spiral’s hair makes me so happy – it’s a mood changer!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow! I always heard that Henna loosens the curl a bit, but I’ve never really seen it pictured so drastically before. Absolutely beautiful and another reason I can’t wait to do my 1st Henna this weekend!

  • Anonymous says:

    may you do a post one day comparing cassia, indigo, amla and henna please? 🙂 thank you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki! I love your blog! I read it practically every day. It has been helping me so much as I’ve been transitioning for the past 6 months. Im currently wearing braids, but I would like to henna my hair after I take the braids out. I still have a couple of inches of relaxed hair. Im thinking about doing a BC but I’m still not sure. Would it be alright to henna my hair with the relaxed ends?


  • Leila Daily says:

    wow… you can really see how the henna loosened the curl. i really want to try henna, but i love my natural brown color and don’t want to lose it 🙁 i would look like a freak with red hair…

  • ljkelly says:

    Her hair is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  • Anonymous says:

    Her hair looks lovely and the colour change is quite drammatic! My hair is dark black (really really deep dark) and I like it this way otherwise, I would be hoping on the Henna train.

  • DeeDee says:

    Nikki – you are the best. Another great blog link. It’s been difficult to find henna blogs for 4a hair. Thanks for sharing.

  • Natakue says:

    ooh, i loves me some spiral! hi spiral!!!! =D it’s really great to see how your hair is looking these days, and as usual, i am not disappointed. just beauteous! i can’t believe how long it’s gotten! i really need to stop being a wimp and get on this henna thing like now!

    (((goes off to daydream about spiral’s hair with big smile on face)))

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