Pineapple Up-Do:

I’ve found that this is the best way to keep my curls from getting squished and tangled while I sleep at night. Here’s what I do:

First, I hold my head down and flip all of my hair over to the front.

Next, I use both hands and pull all my hair into a high ponytail at the top of my head. I try to get the ponytail as close to my front hair line as possible. I find that the higher the ponytail, the further your hair is from the pillow and the less likely you are to squish your curls at night.

Next, I secure the hair with a ponytail holder. I used to use the thin black coated ponytail bands, but they always ripped my hair out in small knots. Then I discovered Conair Pony Wraps. These ponytail holders are thick and made of very soft material. They keep my hair securely in place and I very rarely lose any strands when I take the holder out. Also, the Conair pony wraps don’t pop or lose their elasticity as quickly. Five holders came in the pack I bought, and I’ve been using the same one now for months.

I either slide the holder over my ponytail so my hair is loosely held in place, or sometimes, I’ll wrap it around my ponytail once more so it’s more secure. The point is not to do it too tightly so there won’t be a crease in my hair the next morning.

Here’s the completed pineapple pony. As you can see, it’s a little crooked, but it doesn’t have to be perfect since I’m about to go to bed:

So the next part of this routine is to protect my hair. To do that, I start by tying a satin scarf around my head. First, I take one corner of the scarf and fold it over diagonally to its cata-corner so that scarf is in the shape of a triangle:

From there, I take the scarf in this triangle form and wrap it around the back of my hair. I make sure the top part of the triangle is facing upward at the back of my head. Then I take the two length pieces and tie them in a knot at the front of my forehead. As I’m sure most people are aware, it’s very easy for the satin scarf to come off during the night, so you want to make sure you tight the knot tight enough, but not so tight that you wake up with a headache or an indentation in your forehead (I’ve done that to myself quite a few times). After I’ve tied the knot, I reach to the back of my hair and pull the tip of the triangle upward over the back of my hair and over the top of my curls as far as it will go. I’m not sure if that’s the most clear description, but hopefully, these pictures will help illustrate what I’m talking about:

Lastly, I take my satin bonnet…

…and put it over top of my curly ponytail. The finished product looks like this:

I told you it’s not sexy, but it keeps my hair well protected at night. Just as an extra precaution, I’ll sleep on a satin pillow case.

Two-Strand Twists:

Here’s my second night time routine. It takes a while to put my whole head in twists, so I opt for this when I’m not as sleepy or as lazy.

Whenever I twist my hair, I always make sure to do something to the ends. Sometimes I’ll roll them, but I prefer to seal them with shea butter and twist/coil the end of each twist around my finger until it curls like this:

Sometimes I’ll put product on the length of my hair first before I twist and other times I’ll twist on dry hair. In this instance, I used product, which is why my hair looks so shiny. Here are the finished twists:

Lastly, I cover my hair with my satin bonnet and sleep on the satin pillow case:

***Ladies, submit your night time routines! The Giveaway ends on March 21 at 5pm!!!