Hola Chicas!

My hubby’s really been dishing out the complements lately! From what I can surmise, he likes my hair in any style, but he’s really feeling the Bantu Knot-Out. It’s a bit bigger today, and quite a bit frizzier, but I’m feeling it too.

Before bed last night, I applied Oyin’s Whipped Shea to the crown and ends of my hair. I went to sleep with it out on my satin pillow case (I usually sleep on my right side, and lay the hair on that side over the top of the pillow). I honestly don’t think it’ll make it to day 4, but I don’t have a choice- I’m henna’ing on Thursday night and don’t plan to re-do it before then. So, I’ll pretty much look like a bucket o’ frizz come Thursday morn, but I’ll get over it 🙂

Whipped Shea helped out those ends