Let’s keep it movin’ 🙂

As you gorgeous gals know, I’m blogging bedside today due to a minor snow storm in Carolina (YAY!!). However, I feel like I need to get dressed and at least go the grocery store so that this GREAT HAIR DAY is not wasted, lol. But alas, I can share it with you guys! As promised, here are the pictures from my most recent henna treatment. If you remember, I didn’t use my beloved Jamila, I experimented with a cheapie brand, Dulhan from my local Indian Grocer. I payed a whopping 1.99 for 100g!!!

Here’s my review from yesterday:http://www.curlynikki.com/2009/03/cheapie-henna-review-dulhan.html

edges…look at my baby hurr thickening up 🙂 Also, look at the flecks of henna that didn’t get washed away.

Almost forgot to add:

I used my holy grail routine:

-DevaCare One Condition+ Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment as a leave-in, twisted
-Sealed wet ends with DevaCurl Set it Free, rolled the ends
-In the morning, I sealed each end with a bit of Shea butter

p.s. If you’re having issues with breaking, splitting, or knotting ends, try the twist-n-curl for a few weeks and see where that gets you. This style as well as curlformer sets, saved my ends. My fine strands, especially the ends, do better in a ‘straighter’ style.