Hey Nikki!
Just want to thank you for being so informative! I took my second try at your T-n-C method (1st try was just ok, but don’t think I applied enough conditioner) and with your more recent details this week, I think it worked out better this time. Hopefully I’ll continue to improve. I did use Devacurl OneC which is an old favorite of mine (I haven’t used the Devacare one, and wonder how different the two are). I had some Hair Rules Leave In laying around that I don’t really use, but decided to use for this (waiting on my Jessicurl weekly treatment to come in), Set it Free, and a Shea Butter Pomade by Created By Nature (my old hairdresser’s in N.C. line, I’d like to send you some to try out!) and it turned out ok. I’ve actually got a few compliments on the style at work today and people who want to try it themselves, lol. Just wanted to share with you so you know you’ve helped out another curly head! I look forward to using less heat (diffusing) to style my hair. Next up this weekend, my first Cassia treatment 🙂 Have a good one!