I thought I’d share my nightly routine with you and your readers. Hopefully it works for someone else as well!

My Night-time routine:

Step 1: When I get home, I instantly put my hair up into a loose, messy bun

Step 2: When I’m ready to get ready for the night I let down my bun and let my hair loose

Step 3: I take out my hair tie, satin scarf and hair bonnet.

Step 4: I separate my hair into two (2) sections making loose pigtails.

Step 5: I take one (1) section of my hair and start to apply Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to the entire section. FYI: I use the Omega Nutrition brand

Step 6: I take more coconut oil and concentrate on my ends.

Step 7: I place a hair tie around the section of hair I’m working on and pick up more coconut oil and apply it to the crown of my head and hair line.

Step 8: I then repeat the same steps on the other side of head until I have two loose pigtails.

Step 9: I then put on my satin scarf.

Step 10: Lastly, I put on a hair bonnet since my satin scarf will usually fall off!

Next Day Hair…Actually Day 5 Hair!!

That’s it! It usually takes me 5 minutes, if even that!

I’ve found this to be the best way to preserve my hairstyles. Following this nightly routine gives me 5-7 day hair without re-twisting 🙂

FYI- I twist my hair with either Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk or just water & Organic Coconut Oil ( I picked that up from stalking Zhara’s Fotki!). I have very thick hair but I’ve found this routine helps to hold my style despite not using a gel.

I hope this helps another curly girl out there!

a.k.a CurlyTD

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