Bottom Line– I like the results- adding it to my arsenal of hair styles.


  • It yields more of a consistent curl pattern from root to tip (compared to the TwistnCurl which yields waves and curls)
  • Relatively easy to sleep on
  • Quick styling time- hopefully I’ll see this benefit after a few more times
  • I look slightly less crazy on styling night
  • Shiny, bouncy curls


  • Time consuming to take down- you have to be super careful or you’ll end up with frizz
  • Harder to fluff, which means less volume
  • Ends are not as smooth- this could be remedied with practice
  • The knots are painful- you want them tight, but not too tight. I had to take down the ones at my hair line and re-do.
  • Generally frizzier than my TnC. I’m not opposed to frizz, but frizz on day 1 means that more than likely, there will not be a day 3.

Curls this morning after taking out twists/knots

Hair at 4:30pm

If you have bantu knot-out pics please send them to [email protected] to be shared with the community!