Why do you henna overnight? what is the shortest time you have henna’ed and still gotten the same/similar results as an overnight henna?

I henna overnight out of convenience and laziness. According to the experts over at Hennaforhair, 4 hours is adequate time to reap the conditioning and coloring benefits. I’ve done several successful 4 hour treatments. I just couldn’t get with the mixing, applying, rinsing, DTing, and styling all in one day. Drove me nuts…and I was in and out of the shower like 5 times!

If you opt for the 4 hour treatment, you might want to let the mix sit for half a day prior to applying. I get away with mixing and immediately applying because I’m letting it sit in my hair upwards of 12 hours. Although some of the dye releases immediately, the rest of it releases while it’s on my head, overnight. So, if you opt for a 4 hour treatment, please mix it up earlier in the day to achieve optimal results, and consider sitting under a heating cap or bonnet for part of that time.

Later Gators,