F.A.Q.- Twist-n-Curl and Frizz Fighting

Hey Nikki! Just had a quick question about your twist-n-curl. When you take apart your twists how are you combating the frizz? Between fluffing and pulling apart the twists I just can get around the frizz! Also, are you twisting all the way down to the ends, or are you leaving the ends untwisted? I notice that your ends come out in perfect spirals and thats the look i want. Thanks !

F.A.Q.- Twist-n-Curl and Frizz Fighting
Do you have any DevaCurl Set it Free or 100% Shea Butter? If you don’t, please invest in one or both. I use these products to smooth the frizz that develops after separating and fluffing. My separation process usually involves quickly taking down the twists, and then separating some of those into 4 (the original ‘two strands’ become 4). Finally, I use my fingers like a pic to fluff, separate and add volume. Some frizz is going to happen…I embrace it because it adds character to my hair. The ‘bad’ frizz is abolished by squirting Deva Set it Free on my fingers and smoothing, or finger twirling the stubborn curls, or doing the same action with Shea butter. Both work equally well- Shea butter elongates the curl, while DevaCurl shrinks it some.

Also, day 3 or 4 hair usually has halo frizz, and applying Shea butter really helps fix this problem too! I simply scoop up a pea sized amount, melt between my hands, and apply to the crown of my hair with my hands in a downward motion. It lays down all the flyaways.

Oh, and yes, I twist to the tip…not that I think it matters. The roller completely smooths the hair out anyway.