It’s Monday already. Sad. I seriously live for the weekend.

I really enjoyed focusing on one topic for the’ Hair Tip of the Day’ last week (thanks Libra08!). So let’s keep it going…this time, with HENNA.

Submit your questions below, and I’ll do my best to answer them. Henna week will include all things mud, including cassia, indigo, and amla.

While browsing the other day, I ran across a thread about a woman who wants to use henna for conditioning purposes, but avoid the ‘loosening’ effect and red color. She wants to keep her dark shiny hair. Many of you have asked me this question as well.

Carrie, the resident of expert over at Hennaforhair, responded with what I thought was the best answer:

Adding a little amla (about 1/4 of your mix or less) instead of lemon or other acid (amla is plenty acidic) to the henna powder before dye release helps maintain curl. After 2-3 hours of henna, then you rinse and apply indigo paste for 1 hour for a true rich black.

If it’s conditioning you want, Cassia is also an option. The effects are shorter lived (compared to henna), but it does impart shine, and strength. Curlies with gray hair should be careful because Cassia, if mixed with acid, will leave behind a yellow tint. Like henna, it’s transparent, and while your color may remain unchanged indoors, it will be visible in the sun. For naturally dark haired curlies, cassia will not affect your color at all. For more information on Cassia, check out this post from a couple of weeks ago.

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