Hey Nikki, How long did it take for your hair to notice the conditioning results of henna?

I believe I noticed the ‘baby doll hair’ effect after about 3 treatments. Prior to that, I could only see a color difference (on the previously highlighted strands), and a bit of the strengthening. When I say ‘baby doll hair’, I mean, strong, shiny, smooth strands. After your third or fourth treatment, you’ll see your hair change before your eyes…for the better. My hair became heavier and much thicker. It also barely splits anymore…unless I pull out the ‘ole Denman 😉 Not even henna can save me from it’s wrath.

I would like to henna my hair, but not sleep in it.. I have a twa, is it possible? how long should I keep it in?

In order to reap the color and conditioning benefits of henna, you only need to leave it in for 4 hours. I sleep in it because I’m lazy. Something important to note is that the longer you leave it in, the darker/richer the red. Therefore, if you have gray roots, a 2 hour session may yield copper results- 4-6 hours may be more appropriate to achieve a burgundy tone. When I do a short session, I let the henna sit for longer, and I use my micro heat cap for half of the time to move things along.

Later Gators!