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Curly Nikki

Hair Tip of the Day- The Henna Edition

By January 27th, 20219 Comments

Hey Nikki, How long did it take for your hair to notice the conditioning results of henna?

I believe I noticed the ‘baby doll hair’ effect after about 3 treatments. Prior to that, I could only see a color difference (on the previously highlighted strands), and a bit of the strengthening. When I say ‘baby doll hair’, I mean, strong, shiny, smooth strands. After your third or fourth treatment, you’ll see your hair change before your eyes…for the better. My hair became heavier and much thicker. It also barely splits anymore…unless I pull out the ‘ole Denman 😉 Not even henna can save me from it’s wrath.

I would like to henna my hair, but not sleep in it.. I have a twa, is it possible? how long should I keep it in?

In order to reap the color and conditioning benefits of henna, you only need to leave it in for 4 hours. I sleep in it because I’m lazy. Something important to note is that the longer you leave it in, the darker/richer the red. Therefore, if you have gray roots, a 2 hour session may yield copper results- 4-6 hours may be more appropriate to achieve a burgundy tone. When I do a short session, I let the henna sit for longer, and I use my micro heat cap for half of the time to move things along.

Later Gators!


  • tashiko says:

    I just henna’d yesterday and I am happy with the shine and softness on most of my hair. The color is very subtle since my hair is so dark brown its almost black. But you see it in the light.

    My most recent new growth all over my head is baby soft and defined despite that I have different textures all over my head. The older stuff didn’t show as much shine and definition in the middle and front of my hair. But I think because those hair shafts are more porous and in need of more help. lol

    I want to use the rest of my henna (5 TBS left) to make a gloss.
    How much conditioner do you use? Is it the same as if I am doing a DCT?

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Sabrina, do a search for my Aunt Toney. She chemically dyed her hair for upwards of 2 decades…maybe more, and recently became a henna head. Her color is richer, darker and doesn’t fade like it used to.

  • sabrina says:

    My hair is chemically colored and I want to try henna. RIght now it’s red, but fading. How will henna affect the color?

  • Khadija Dawn Carryl says:

    blackform, yes

  • Khadija Dawn Carryl says:

    Holly, the proportions depend on your hair length as for quantities, but the percentage can be at least 50% henna, 15% amla powder, and 35% cassia obovata. That should tone down the red a whole lot.

    Prettysunshyne, I hope your henna experience goes well!!

    Nikki, I also sleep with it in. Mostly because I am too busy to do henna at any other time. I need to do an application soon, like tonight 🙂

  • Holly says:

    How often can I henna? I just bought the Jamila henna, I don’t want it to come out too red because I have old dye in my hair and I don’t want to use indigo because it seems so messy. Can I mix the Jamila henna with amla and cassia? If so, how much of each?

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the post! I am gonna loooove this week (about Henna). I printed out the ENTIRE booklet about Henna on I plan on trying Henna realllly soon.


  • Pat says:

    Thanks for the answer nikki, the twa will be happy after I henna it.

  • Anonymous says:

    hey nikki

    Can you do a henna gloss and still get shiny, healthy hair, i know the colour is minimal.

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