When you do your henna treatment, do you clarify your hair first? I co-wash twice a week, and I believe the ones (condish) have some cones in them. Is it necessary to clarify or poo first before you do a henna treatment?

Many women on the hennaforhair.com forum poo before henna’ing, especially if they’re trying to cover grays (less gunk for the dye to have to penetrate through). During my last 2 treatments I poo’ed (haha) with Giovanni Tea Tree prior to henna‘ing and didn’t notice much of a difference. Maybe you should do the same- try it both ways. Shampooing never hurts, just be sure to DT with a very VERY moisturizing conditioner afterward…a clarifying poo, plus the stripping action from the henna can lead to hay stack city. Proceed with caution.

Is Dulhan replacing your Personal Stash Jamila from hennaforhair.com?

Hells no 🙂 However, when I’m broke and have time to rinse fifty ‘leven times, I’m all for Dulhan. I’ll be using Dulhan to supplement my stash…to stretch my Jamila further.