Libra08 gave me a grand idea… she suggested that I dedicate a day to answering Twist-n-Curl questions. So, for the rest of the week, the Hair Tip of the Day will be…..The Twist-n-Curl Edition! If you have T-n-C questions, email them to me ([email protected]), or leave them in the comments section. Here’s a link to the video:

Now, for today’s question:

When you apply the WDT and DevaCare One to your hair are you just massaging it from root to end or are combing one product through and then the other. I tried doing this with my daughter’s hair and found that by the time I had reached the front part of the head, the hair was already starting to dry and hard to work with. I was applying the Castor oil to the ends as I went along. Thanks for this site. It is great!!

Great question! My T-n-C routine has evolved over time. While in the shower, after my hair is detangled (with my fingers then a wide tooth comb), I apply the DevaCare One Condition to each side- remember, I do everything in 2s (left and right). I don’t comb it through, I just ‘smoosh’ it through, and finger comb a bit for even distribution. To make sure the hair is very slippery, sometimes I’ll run my conditioner soaked head back under the shower head for a few seconds. I then make two big twists, and step out of the shower. In order to retain the most water (which keeps your hair slippery and easier to manipulate), I no longer wring my hair at all. At the sink, my hair is soaking wet, and loaded with Deva.

I start with the left side, and divide that section into two. I clip the front half of that side out of the way, and apply Jessicurl WDT to the back section…twist, and apply Set it Free to the ends. I don’t use a comb for the Jessicurl application either- it’s a smoothing action turn fingercomb :0) Repeat with the front section, add clips to the roots, and roll that side up. Repeat with the right side. If the right side has begun to dry out, I add water by cupping some in my hand and applying it to the hair. A spray bottle would probably be more effective, but I’m lazy. Whatever you do, keep your hair wet. It results in a smoother, shinier set, and you lose less hair while twisting.

Later Gators,