Nik, what type rollers do you use? What size?

I use Snap-on Magnetic rollers from Sally Beauty Supply. I own the 5/8″ , 7/8″, and 1 1/8″ . I have some other sizes, but that comprises the bulk of my collection. I ALWAYS use end papers.

Generally, I roll 2-3 twists on one roller- using around 10 rollers total. I like to vary the placement- rolling the top layer of twists slightly higher than the bottom layer to give the appearance of more volume. I also tend to roll the back up a little higher than the front, to give the ‘bob’ effect. I use different sized rollers throughout my head.

Another pub for Set it Free- it acts as a great setting lotion. I apply a little (key word- little) to the ends of each twist prior to rolling. The claims on the label are true- it does a great job at locking in moisture for 24-48 hours, and holds my curls like none other!

Later Gators,