Hi Nik, Did you video tutorial have the end paper part in it? My hairdresser girlfriend always tells me to use end papers but I hate working with them and it takes THAT MUCH LONGER. You just wrap them around the ends and roll? Oh one more thing to buy. I have to find the pack I had a hundred years ago.

Lol, you know that I do nothing by the book. I’ve seen end papers used the proper way, but I choose to use them how we used toilet paper back in the day on our little pink sponge rollers. I just fold the paper, and wrap them around the roller. I trash the paper (which usually gets stained orange, lol) after a a few uses. In my mind, it keeps my ends from sticking to the plastic…plus, the consistency of the paper doesn’t allow for zapping the moisture out of your ends like tissue would.

Hey CN I was wondering what do you do to your hair when you take a shower? I use a shower cap, but my curls always end up smooshed. Thanks

Like you, I put on a shower cap. I usually put a bonnet over that. As soon as I get out, I immediately take off the cap and shake my hair out to prevent flat curls. One time, in a crunch, I used a plastic grocery bag…I looked absolutely ridiculous, but it definitely didn’t smash my curls 🙂 I think I used a Goodie Ouchless Band to secure the bag on my head.

What size rollers do you use the most often, and where do you place each size? Thanks!

I like to use the 7/8″ and 1 1/8″…I’ll usually use the smaller ones in the back to create the ‘bob’ effect.

Later Gators,